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SPAO unveils new collection with SNSD and SUJU!

SPAO has just revealed their 2011 S/S Star Hoodie collection featuring the members of no other than So Nyuh Shi Dae and Super Junior!

We've got another SuperGeneration moment here so check it out.

Singapore suju fans calls for SS4 after watching their first SS3

To some fans, Super show 3 Singapore(SS3SG) might just be another concert they just saw but to most of the fans in singapore, the super show 3 concert that was held yesterday is a dream come true.

Many of the fans in singapore had their dream acheived by watching their first super show 3 concert and seeing their idols live for the first time. Previously, when super junior came to singapore for the first time to be the spokesperson for Samsung Galaxy phone, many of the fans missed it as the venue only accomodates 1600 fans. This time round, more than 10000 fans came to watch and it was an amazing concert.
Most fans were speechless at their performances and some could only place their lightstick down and watch their performance in awe.

Some of our DKP authors(including me), who were super junior fans took this opportunity to take a closer look at Super Junior's awesome performances, stages and we were simply awed by them.

Super Junior was in great demand even before they had a concert in Singapore as fans asked for a Singapore stop during Super show 2. After watching Super Show3, many fans were excited as they eagerly asked for a Singapore stop in Super show 4(SS4).
SS4 was trending on twitter worldwide trend because singapore fans can't stop talking about it.

Stars who will celebrate their birthday in February!

Its February tomorrow! Check out which Star's birthday falls in the month of February! Do remember to leave wishes for them especially if they have Twitter!

Kan Miyeon (82)

Kim Sori (85)

F(x)- Victoria (87)

Rainbow- Woori (88)

Secret- Zinger (90)

T-MAX- Kim Joon (84)

Super Junior- Kyuhyun (88)

Miss A- Jia (89)

F.CUZ- Yejun (92)

Wheesung (82)

T-MAX- Min Chul (80)

JQT- Min Jeong (90)

TVXQ- Yunho (86)

DNT- Dong Wook (87)

MBLAQ- Lee Joon (88)

Infinite- Woohyun (91)

Hangeng (84)

Supreme Team- E-Sens (87)

ZE:A- Joon young (89)

Super Junior- Siwon (87)

SNSD- Sooyoung (90)

Hwayobi (82)

DNT- Byung Kyu (89)

Go Ara (90)

2PM- Chansung (90)

ZE:A- Dong Jun (92)

Davichi- Haeri (85)

Shinhwa- Eric (79)

Seeya- Boram (87)

CSJH- Lina (84)

TVXQ- Changmin (88)

Park Shin Hye (90)

B2Y- Jin Woong (88)

Seo Tai Ji (72)

SG Wannabe- Seok Hun (84)

Untouchable- Sleepy (84)

ZE:A- Kevin (88)

SS501- Kyu Jong (87)

Song Hye Kyo (82)

2NE1- CL (91)

Teen Top- Ricky (95)

Jo Sung Mo (77)

SES- Bada (80)

DECEMBER- Yun Hyuk (86)

Zhang Li Yin (89)

INIFINITE ranks 1st for K-POP ringtones in Japan

7 member idol group Infinite's Japanese debut single ranked 1st for ringtone downloads.

On the past 26th, Infinite revealed their Japanese debut single 'To-Ra-Wa'. The day it ws released, they won first in the K-POP section of the Japanese best mobile site '', and in the J-POP daily chart, DBSK ranked 12th and 19th.

Their debut single 'TO-RA-WA' is the Japanese version of their popular Korean song 'Come Back Again' with a slight name change.

Recently, Infinite made a contract with the best Japanese DVD-CD seller and the rental chain 'Tsutaya'that runs the CCC (Culture Convenience Club) and Japanese promotions. They are beginning their official promotions through TV, newspaper, magazines, radios, and through all media.

A while ago, Infinite opened their official Japanes homepage ( and they will hold their first Japanese showcase 'It's the INFINITE!' on April 2nd in Tokyo at Roppongi at LaForet Museum.

KARA’s Japanese concert tickets sell out in ten seconds

The popularity in Japan of girl group KARA, currently overcoming a threat of a split, is seemingly becoming more grounded.
A concert event in Japan that KARA will be participating in on the coming 20th of March, sold out in 10 seconds after release. This ticket release, opened on the 29th of January, confirmed the popularity of KARA in Japan.
This concert event is the ‘2011 Universal Dream Live’ that will be held in the Universal Studio of Osaka, Japan. It is an event where celebrities belonging to the Universal company will be holding a concert from the 19th to the 21st of March. KARA will be standing on the stage on the 20th, as well as B2ST and G.NA, who are both planning to advance into the Japanese market.
As of this moment, KARA’s popularity in Japan is beyond conception. Local officials’ explanation is that KARA is the hotspot of issues and popularity in the Japanese music world.
On the other hand, the conflict between KARA’s company DSPMedia and the 3 members of KARA (Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, and Kang Jiyoung) has been partially worked out, with the compromise decided during the meeting on the 27th of January, that KARA’s previously scheduled events in Japan and Korea will be carried out with the whole group. The possibility of the team staying together as well as problems with the contract of the company will be discussed in the future.