Hyomin is a cute prefect

T-ara’s Hyomin transformed into a cute prefect.
On July 29th, the idol tweeted, “I became the front-runner for style because of my stylish Italy towel. Whew it’s hard but the prefect always needs to work hard!“. She also uploaded cute picture of herself posing unlike the conventional prefect.
In the picture, Hyomin is seen posing in an old school uniform with her hair in cute pigtails.
She also showed what it takes to be a leader by wearing a prefect armband and posing like a professional model.
Fans commented, “So lovable“, “Leader fighting!“, and “It’s nice to see that you’re always working hard.
Source: Star News via Nate

110730 Music Core performances

Narsha shows off her blast-from-the-past fashion sense

Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls showed off some vintage styling recently with an old-school all-denim look.
She tweeted yesterday, “Bong-sama. It’s me. How do I look?”, and shared a photo of herself in a denim outfit and large sunglasses. Fans are commenting that Narsha is able to take a look that’s almost severely out of style, and make it look fashionable.
Fans replied, “Not everyone can pull of the all-denim look, it looks really good on you,” “You’re a certified old-school fashionista, awesome” and “Is denim on denim back again?”
Narsha is currently the host for ‘Style Show Feel‘ on the On Style network.
Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

HITT are looking for their kitten’s mommy

On July 19th,  HITT’s leader, Hayong tweeted, “There was a kitty waiting for its mommy in front of our studio~ It’s pouring and the mommy still hasn’t arrived!! In the meantime we… will take care of it!”.
In the main picture, three of the group’s members are snapped cradling the kitten with a sad expression on their faces.  Members have named the kitty ‘Sseubong‘ because they found the kitten by the garbage bag in front of their practice room.
Netizens commented, “So cool~“, “The kitty is so cute!“, and “I want to raise that kitty myself“.
Meanwhile, HITT – comprised of members Hayong, Juntaek, Hyunjun, Howon, Wooram, and Jaehoon – are currently in the midst of promotions for “Good Night“.
Source & Photo: Naver News

Khuntoria’s first love quarrel, Victoria blows up on Nichkhun

The lovely Khuntoria couple finally had their first fight.
In the upcoming episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”, 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria got into a quarrel over planting lettuce and peppers.
Khuntoria challenged themselves into starting a common hobby of planting lettuce and peppers, but Nichkhun’s small mistake fired up Victoria. As Victoria had always wanted to plant and raise vegetables her self, she passionately and carefully planted the vegetables, but Nichkhun made a mistake in the process which saddened Victoria.
The tension built up to an argument, escalating the situation into a couple fight.
However, the rumor is that Nichkhun calmed Victoria down by using his own special treatment.
On the upcoming July 30th episode of “We Got Married”, Eungjung and Lee Jang Woo will also be kicked out of their honeymoon camping car, whereas Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun will be traveling to Kyung-Joo.
Source: XsportsNews via Naver

ZE:A’s Dongjun is a big fan of Hwanhee?

ZE:A’s Dongjun sent a little present towards senior artist, Hwanhee for his latest comeback after taking an extended year long break.
Dongjun had sent in a garland of flowers along with a heartfelt message to Hwanhee saying, “Hwanhee hyung! ‘I’m going to die because of you’!” and “Heart for U Dongjun“. Hwanhee recently made a comeback through Music Bank on July 29th.
Netizens who saw Dongjun’s confession towards Hwanhee commented, “It’s surprising that Hwanhee and Dongjun are close” and “Now that you mention it, they do kind of look alike“.
An associate from ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire, claimed, “Dongjun had referred to ‘Hwanhee sunbaenim’ as his role model even before his debut. Recently, Dongjun got the chance to see Hwanhee and since that meeting they have continued their good relationship. Hwanhee also takes care of Dongjun like his own brother and gives him vocalization techniques and other tips / advice that Hwanhee had learned throughout his career“.
Hwanhee also stated, “I feel like I’m looking at the younger version of myself. He looks his best when trying his best” showing his affection towards Dongjun as a close younger brother in the music industry.
Meanwhile, Hwanhee released his official album, ‘HWANHEE‘ on July 29th and is revealing the title song, ‘I feel like dying‘ through KBS Music Bank. In addition, ZE:A, idol group Dongjun is a part of, is continuing their activities with their double title song, “Heart for 2” which they are creating a special single with called, ‘Exciting‘.
Source & Photo: Kmomnews via Nate

T-ara’s Jiyeon admits she’s envious of Eunjung because of ‘We Got Married’

T-ara’s Jiyeon recently confessed that she was envious of fellow member Eunjung because of her involvement in MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘.
On the July 29th broadcast of YTN’s ‘News and Issue – Issue and People‘, Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin made a special guest appearance to talk about their participation in a new horror film.
During the interview, the anchor asked, “Your fellow member is experiencing the married life on ‘We Got Married’. What do you think of that? Aren’t you envious?”
Without hesitation, Jiyeon responded, “Not too long ago, we went to their housewarming party. The endless affection they had for each other made me envious.” She later added, “Eunjung-unni was doing the cooking…” and trailed off as she said, “…backhug,” teasing fans on what’s to come.
In addition, the anchor asked Jiyeon if she had any thoughts about marriage, to which she replied, “I haven’t thought about marriage yet.”
After hearing the maknae talk about marriage, Hyomin and Eunjung said, “Our Jiyeon can’t [marry] yet.”
Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News

MBLAQ’s Thunder cuddles with Dadoong

MBLAQ’s Thunder recently shared an adorable photo of himself with his cat ‘Dadoong’.
On July 28th, Thunder tweeted, “The terribly tired dad with his son,” and uploaded a photo of the two lying side-by-side on a bed. True to his self-given title as ‘dad’, Thunder is seen with his arm around the kitten, embracing ‘his son’ like a loving father on the bed.
In response, netizens commented, “Dadoong is lovable”, “Both of you are cute”, and “Has your sister gotten closer with your cat?”
With Thunder and Sandara Park looking after Dadoong, the kitten must be the most envied pet in town!
Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News

110729 Music Bank performances

New set of Super Junior concept photos!

One of the most anticipated comeback this year is none other than Super Junior's. The group is set to comeback on August 3 with their full length album with their title track "Mr.Simple"

The MV teaser is set to release on Aug 1 and the full audio on the following day.
Before this series of release dates, SM just release another set of 5JIB concept photos carrying the concept "Ubersexual".

Check the new photos below: it's different from their teaser photos.

Source: @showsu twitter
Written & Reuploaded by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net

110728 M! Countdown performances

miss A shares fun selcas from their waiting room

The girls are back, and with their sexiest image to date! Sports Korea went behind-the-scenes for miss A’s first comeback stage with “Good Bye Baby“, a song that’s sure to become a hit with strong, independent women everywhere.
Backstage, the girls created a lively atmosphere, as seen by their  ’A Class’-level selcas. Check out the photos below!

# Who’s the best?

To immortalize this memory of their comeback stage, the girls gathered in front of the camera. They all look playful and excited, and no trace of nervousness can be seen in their faces.
# Energized with a comeback cake!

The girls receive a thoughtful cake from their fans that’s almost too beautiful to eat. It’s almost as if the fans managed to transmit all their energy, as the girl are looking as bright as ever.
# Suzy’s capable of infinite changes

From cute to lovely, Suzy has a variety of facial expressions for the camera. Sometimes she’ll go for an expression she considers cute, or perhaps she’ll opt for something that’s almost cringe-worthy. Thanks to her acting experience, she’s capable of infinite changes.
# Bizarre Min professor!

Min transformed the waiting room into an ocean of laughter when she busted out this pose, which she explained her attempt at modelling a sexy S-line figure while maintaining her cute charms. Her facial expression looks as if she’s challenging you to go ahead and copy it.
# We’re ‘A’ ladies
Jia shows off the letter ‘A’ drawn on her nails. The letter is an especially meaningful one for the girls, as it represents their dream of becoming ‘A Class’, as well as the best girl group in Asia. The girls are definitely living up to their dream, as they’re well on their way to become the ace of their label.
# Are you Kim Ah Joong?

Fei’s sel-ca is resonating with her aura, but it gives the feel of a familiar face. With a beautiful smile and luscious hair, she resembles actress Kim Ah Joong here, no?  Are you really not Kim Ah Joong?
Source: Sports Hankooki

New boy group BOM releases debut MV for "Without You"!

Singer : BoM
1st Single : Without You
Date : 28 July 2011

BOM mean Blooming of our Music relaeses their debut MV for their debut single "Without You".
They are a ballad group consists of 4 male members Sechang ('91), Yua ('94), Raewon ('87) and Tagoon ('93).


Nichkhun’s eye dazzling selca

2PM’s Nichkhun recently mesmerized his fans by revealing an eye dazzling selca.
On July 27th, the idol tweeted, “45 degree angle picture.” Along with the tweet, he also uploaded a picture of himself seen above.
In the picture, Nichkhun is seen nesting comfortably on a sofa and gazing upward at the camera. His soft smile and raised eyebrow are sure to make every fan girl scream with delight.
Netizens commented, “You’re handsome at whichever angle“, “Your face is blindingly handsome“, “Whatever picture you take, you’re good looking.”
Source: XSports News via Naver

Onscreen Style: T-ara ‘Roly Poly’

Recently, T-ara has been showing off their disco moves to their new tune ‘Roly Poly‘. Along with the choreography and song, their fashion has also been showing us their retro style. Their outfits consist of bright colors, polka dots, bell bottoms, platforms shoes, and pretty much anything you can think of from the retro era.

In all honesty, I’m a fan of T-ara but they should refrain from the gimmicky concepts (‘Yayaya‘ anyone?). Their ‘Roly Poly’ stages and music video look like a buffet of bad fashion. Sure, they tried the unified outfits in their comeback stage, but those outfits missed the mark and were just not that appealing. In their usual outfits, shown above, it looks like they made a list of everything and anything retro and then combined them together to create this concept. Some of their usual clothing pieces look like they literally grabbed it from the 70s. No doubt, some pieces are cute, but the entire canvas is just too overwhelming. Visually, the concept would have been much better if they focused on just a few retro aspects and modernized it to a cohesive style. Instead, it feels like we’ve just been slapped across the face with their swift disco moves.

Also worth mentioning is their recent gym clothes performance on MBC’s ‘Music Core‘. Although a bit odd, I have to give credit to the girls for catching the audience’s attention in a unique way. It was an amusing special version of ‘Roly Poly’.
All in all, T-ara sure knows how to grab people’s attention, but is it always in a good way?

ZE:A’s Dongjun to star in ‘Girl K’

ZE:A’s Dongjun will be acting in the blockbuster TV movie ‘Girl K‘. He has been cast to play the part of Go Young Min, a popular guy who falls for the main character Cha Yeon Jin, played by actress Han Groo.
Last February, Dongjun played the part of Jihoon, a pure island boy, for KBS’s New Year special drama ‘Cross Yeongdo Bridge‘. He received positive reviews for his acting and because of this, he’s gathering much curiosity for his new project.
Dongjun stated, “If expressing your emotions on stage is a singer’s biggest charm, then the unusual charm of acting is its ability to live someone else’s life and carry that person’s emotions. Rather than the ambitious saying that acting is my dream, I want to completely digest my role at this moment.”
Meanwhile, ‘Girl K’ is an action-thriller TV movie about a girl, Cha Yeon Jin, who grows up to be a killer for her mother’s revenge. The first broadcast will air on August 27th.
Source: Newsen via Nate

2NE1's "UGLY" MV released!

Official MV for 2NE1's mini album track "UGLY" has been released!
The song has upbeat music and very catchy lines!

Watch below:

Source: 2NE1@youtube.com

Kara appeared on the U.S business news “Korean companies’ prices is on the rise due to K-pop”

Kara is attracting attention in the midst of rising prices of Korean home appliances due to the Korean Wave.
According to the famous business news Bloomberg, the korean manufacturers are winning over some Japanese consumers.
Many Japanese consumers used to feel reluctant about buying products made in neighboring South Korea, but K-pop turned the game around.
Bloomberg posted the picture of the girl group Kara with this article. LG hired KARA, a female Korean dance and music group, to appear in advertisements in Japan for its Optimus smartphones because they are popular among young women, whom they are targeting.
Bloomberg speculated that this phenomenon was due to a sense of kinship that the consumer feels which leads them to buy the product when the music group whom they favor advertises or uses that product.
Bloomberg is a company established in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg in New York, and is a trusted company in analyzing financial markets, and economies.
Source: Moneytoday from Nate
Translated by ilnungcha@KOREA.COM

Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast” Re-Opened!

After much anticipation from the fans, the Official Fanclub “Bigeast” will be reopened!
New member registrations start on 1 August at 1200hrs. The registration period will last until 21 August 2400hrs!
※A synclID registration is required, so please get a synclID first.
※One member is allowed to register for each mail account.
【Fan Club Member Priviledges】
- Membership Card (with IC Chip) to be distributed
※As the information has to be input into the IC chip, card delivery will be scheduled for delivery in November – December
- Newsletter with DVD (1 issue within the subscription period)
※Vol. 1 is scheduled for release in January 2012
- Access to members-only website
※ Staff blogs, download contents, comment movies etc for you to enjoy on your PC/Mobile/Smart Phones
- Mail delivery service
- Ticket purchase priority
※For performances, tickets may be sold via balloting
- Rights to participate in fanclub events (Tentative)
※We will advise further if such events are being held. In the event of overwhelming response, balloting will be used.
- Participation in viewing of ballots (Tentative)
※We will advise further if we receive approval from the various organisers.
- Purchase of Fanclub Limited Goods
- Purchase of Fanclub Limited Premiums
【Subscription Period】
The subscription period will be for 6 months starting from time of registration to end of January 2012.
※New members will be accepted from 1 August(1200hrs) to 31 August (2400hrs)
※If you register by the end of August, the validity period will be until the end of January 2012.
【Membership Fee】
Registration fee ¥1,000 (Tax Inclusive)
Membership fee (6 months) ¥2,500 (Tax Inclusive)
Also, starting from 1 September (1200hrs), we will be accepting monthly subscription members for “Bigeast”
(Details about various subscriptions omitted)
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Girls' Generation plans on hosting a solo concert in Singapore during February of next year. They are the first Korean girl group that Running Into The Sun (RITS) has selected after staging concerts for Korean boy bands Super Junior and SHINee. 

"Now the guys can't say they're left out. We're extremely thrilled to bring Girls' Generation for their first solo concert in Singapore. Concert-goers will be mesmerized by the girls' synchronized dance moves and heartmelt-worthy winks," stated RITS Creative Director Beatrice Chia-Richmond. She continued, "We're sure the temperatures of the Singapore Indoor Stadium would rise a few degrees with the arrival of the girls."

Tickets for the concert are scheduled to go on sale towards the end of this year. Tickets are likely to sell out quickly, so be sure to stay up to date by visiting the RITS home page and Facebook page.

Source: Channel NewsAsia
Written by: jaygatsby@soshified.com

Hyomin, "After Jiyeon and Eunjung, I didn't want to miss the opportunity"

- Did the company propose the role in 'Gisaeng Ryung' to you alone, or was it also suggested to the other members.

▶ It was known to the T-ara members that there was a scenario like this. At first, the role wasn't very big. I thought it would be a character that I would be able to do without any burden.

- This may be an uncomfortable question but if Jiyeon and Eunjung didn't have any other schedules, would they have been able to appear in 'Gisaeng Ryung'.

▶ I think the opportunity came and I grabbed it. I wanted to continue acting. My major in college is even acting. (Sungkyunkwan University - Performing Arts) I wanted to do musicals even from way before and then I got the chance to debut as a singer and started activities as part of T-ara. Kim Kwangsoo CEO gives chances in order. It was just that Jiyeon and Eunjung were the first to be given them. That way there's less to worry about and less overlapping.

- Isn't it important to grab the opportunity when it comes.

▶ I've been in the position of waiting, and I've also been in the position where my turn came. I worked even harder thinking when will another opportunity come if I miss this chance. I don't consider it something that came to me easily. I also don't think it's an opportunity that necessarily came to me because they wanted me. I never want to think too highly of myself.

- This question was also asked to Nam Gyuri who switched over to another company and became a acting-dol. One day you'll have to decide which path you want to take whether it's acting and singing, being a broadcaster, or leaving the entertainment scene. What do you think is more important in regards to the future between acting and singing.

▶ I'm not exactly sure. Right now, T-ara comes before anything else.

- 'Gisaeng Ryung' has really tight schedules lately. We heard that you fainted a few days ago while having to juggle between T-ara's schedules and 'Gyebaek' schedules too.

▶ I expected it but once it came, it wasn't easy. I wanted to do good at this and I wanted to do good at that but I was short on time and that was really disappointing for me. But still, I'm thankful to the director and staff members that cheered me on a lot at the filmset. Going "Hyomin jjang". That kind of support helped me a lot.

- Core Contents Media made a big hit with 'Death Bell' during the time when Korean horror movies were failing. 'Gisaeng Ryung' is another production. Naturally, there'll be comparisons.

▶ When I first received the script, I thought it was cliche. All of the members got together and monitored the scenario and gave their suggestions. It was the same case for 'Death Bell'. Suggestions were taken into consideration, because the director took those in, it became the version it is right now. It might have been easy to be misunderstood for arrogance but I think it was looked at as being passionate. 'Gisaeng Ryung' is a horror movie where you can see the characters change. Even if it's compared, I'm confident.

- Working hard and doing well are two different things.

▶ I want to be a character that's remembered. I know I have to work hard in order to receive that much interest. Rather than being concerned over success, I think it's more important to feel confident about acting out your part well. 'Gyebaek' is a drama with a lot to think about. At first I had the role of Gyebaek's wife but I'm not sure now. I think I have to go with a more gentle character.

- Eunjung's 'White: Curse of the Melody' was shown in theaters first. The comparisons will be unavoidable.

▶ I usually watch horror movies well. 'White' was a really well-made horror movie. If 'White' had that horror effect then 'Gisaeng Ryung' is a horror movie that target the audience with emotions.

Source: http://star.mt.co.kr...&outlink=2
Translated by: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem

Dara: "My worries became a reality..ㅠㅠ"

걱 정이 현실로..ㅠㅠ두둥!!! 바쁜 스케쥴로 헤이츄 어글리 열심히 못해서 박대리로 강등!ㅠ생각한건있엇지만 시간이안나서 실행못햇어요..흑..그래서 이번에 야심차게 '낫 어글리' 캠페인 준비!곧 시작됩니다 +.+(얼굴이 아무리 프리티해도 마음이 곱지 않으면 ugly하죠?)

My worries became a reality..ㅠㅠ Doodoong!! Since I was so busy with schedules, I couldn't work hard on Ugly and Hate You, so I was demoted to Deputy Park!ㅠ There was something that I thought of but since there wasn't enough time, I couldn't carry it out.. sniff.. and so this time I have to ambitiously prepare for the 'Not Ugly' campaign! It's starting soon +.+(No matter how pretty your face is, if your heart is not pretty, that makes you ugly, right?)

TAGS: 아까 강변북로 타고 촬영장 오는길 힘들었는데 여기저기 물에 잠겼나보네요 다들 조심하세용 ㅠ.ㅠ

Just a while ago while I was driving down the Riverside Expressway and coming to the filming studio, it was really tough. It seems like everywhere was flooded with water. Everyone please be careful ㅠ.ㅠ

Source: Dara's me2day
Translated by GEE@ygladies.com

2PM wins 4th consecutive Music Bank K-Chart with “Hands Up”

Due to the special broadcast of ‘Music Bank in Tokyo‘ last week, the winner of the show’s K-Chart award was not announced last Friday. However, results were still tabulated as usual and the winner was finally announced through their website on July 25th.
2PM was revealed to have won the K-Chart for the 4th consecutive time with their hit single, “Hands Up“. The boys edged out T-ara by a score of 14,011, while the ladies raked in 10,893 points.
Meanwhile, SECRET, HyunA and f(x) rounded up the top 5 for the week.

It’s a fantastic ending note for 2PM, who just concluded their domestic promotions. Congratulations, boys!
Source: KBS Music Bank Website

Min Kyung Hoon reveals his crush on Eunjung

On this week’s episode of MBC’s Quiz To Change The World, singer Min Kyung Hoon surprised many by revealing that he had feelings for T-ara’s Eunjung, who was also a guest on the episode.
MC Park Mi Sun told the singer, “You are good at singing and very good looking, so I don’t understand why you don’t have a girlfriend. Are you the type that get’s lonely easily?” which he responded by stating, “I am more lonely because I am promoting. There are a lot of pretty girls that I see while promoting, but when I go home, the fact that I eat alone makes me lonely, even when I am really hungry.”
Park Mi Sun then said, “I heard that you’re ideal type is one of the guests present today.”, to which he answered with no hesitation, “Yes. It’s Eunjung. I am most attracted to her when she sings and dances.”
Eunjung responded to the singer’s sudden confession, “I promoted together with him many times, so we saw each other frequently. However, I did not receive any signal that he had feelings for me.”
After the MC’s revealed that she was ‘married’ to Lee Jang Woo on MBC’s We Got Married, Min Kyung Hoon quickly stated, “Oh I didn’t know. Well, I can’t focus on Eunjung forever, so I’ll have to focus on someone else now.”, bringing laughter on the set.
Later on, when T-ara’s Soyeon (who was also a guest) revealed that she wished to be paired up with Johnny Depp on We Got Married, MC Lee Hwi Jae stated that he wished to be paired with Megan Fox.
Hearing this, Min Kyung Hoon revealed, “I want to be paired up with Megan Fox as well. I like her a lot.” When others asked him about his feelings for Eunjung, he answered, “Oh, my feelings have changed.”
By bringing lots of laughter, Min Kyung Hoon was awarded the MVP for the episode.
Source: Seoul NTN via Nate

MBLAQ’s Thunder reveals past selca he took with IU

On July 24th, MBLAQ’s Thunder re-visited his long-time friendship with IU on Twitter.
Thunder wrote, “Putting up IU and Thunder’s past photo! Keke, we’re truly all natural! Natural idols! ^^ The fact that Ji Eun and Sang Hyun, who both had so many dreams, are now singers and meeting not in a training room but at a music program is still so very amazing.. hehe. IU and MBLAQ Thunder fighting!”
The text on the pictures read: “LOEN, Sang Hyun, Ji Eun, daebak singers.”
The two are known to be close friends, as Thunder was previously a trainee at Loen Entertainment, IU’s current label. The two had shown off their friendship before when Thunder guest-featured in IU’s album, “REAL” as well as appearing in IU’s music video, “Missing Child“.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

Sandara Park reveals her sweet ride on ‘2NE1tv’

2NE1’s Sandara Park has been gathering much attention lately for driving around a huge luxury car.
On July 19th’s broadcast of Mnet’s ‘2NE1tv‘, Sandara was seen driving around her beloved white Range Rover. Since her vehicle was an SUV especially, many fans were instantly reminded of the line, “Billion dollar baby“, from 2NE1’s latest track, “I Am The Best“.
It was revealed that this car is worth 130,000,000 won (approximately $123,800.00 USD). Not only were netizens surprised by how a small girl could drive such a large vehicle, but they were also stunned when she took her car to an automatic car wash during the show.
They gasped, “How could you take such an expensive car to an automatic car wash!”
Netizens commented, “She used to drive a BMW mini, did she change cars? Or, does she have two cars?” and “To have your first car wash at an automated car wash center… maybe this is just the mindset of rich people.”
Source + Pics: enews24 via Nate

110724 INKIGAYO performances






Tohoshinki Breaks 120 000 Copies In Two Days

On July 20, Tohoshinki released their new single "Superstar", which has sold over 120 000 copies within a two-day time frame, earning #1 on the Oricon daily charts.

"Superstar" is a power dance song unique to Tohoshinki, and the single also includes "I Don't Know", which was a 7-11 Convenient Store Card CF song. To promote this single, Tohoshinki has attended various performances, variety shows, and interviews in Japan.

At the beginning of the year, Tohoshinki also released the Japanese version of "Why (Keep Your Head Down)", which was the only single that entered into the Oricon's Top 10 Ranking chart coming from a Korean group, once again proving their explosive popularity.

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Nichkhun & Victoria’s Breakfast scene Intimacy

We Got Married’s season3 couple Nichkhun & Victoria romance is more sweet than any other couple on WGM. Thats why most of the viewers call them Khuntoria. Their Affection on the show seems like they are actually dating off air.
On the recent broadcast of WGM the two had Breakfast scene, in which Victoria wake up Nichkhun but he didnt woke up untill Victoria put his head on her lap. Victoria lovingly stroke his hairs and after that Nichkhun gave a big hug to her.
Khuntoria has very sweet chemistry, on the next scene when Victoria gets into the kitchen to cook breakfast Nichkhun came and hug her from behind and whispered “Honey be careful” to which Victoria replied “oh yes Honey” In whole episode both the artists seemed so comfortable with each other, giving the feeling that they are actually in love.
While watching the show MC of WGM made funny and jealous comments on them “Do they need to go that far?
source: Nate
Written by Alia / Associate Writer.

MBLAQ "You are the misterious Mona Lisa"

The MTV Cyworld Music Festival Dream 2011 was opened on 23rd afternoon in Seoul Gwangjin-gu in Korea.

In this gorgeous day at the show the singer MBLAQ attended.

Cyworld Music Festival celebrates the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, and Cyworld Dream as part of a campaign to attract 17 top artists teams and 2018 people spectators gather to one place. "PLAY your DREAM" was held with the theme.

At the event, the singer DJ DOC, dal★shabet, T-ara, MBLAQ, ZE:A, Infinite, Jang JaeIn, and CSJH performed on the stage.

TRANSLATION: rebeccahigher@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Eun Jung and So Yeon show off their talent at Sebakwi!

Check out the video above where Eun Jung shows off her Taekwondo skills while So Yeon has an amazing cover of a trot song.

These girls are amazing!

Infinite Conquers Online Music Charts With "Be Mine"

You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

May be taken out with full credits.

Idol group Infinite is sweeping online music charts.

Infinite ranked first on the Hanteo chart and other online music charts with the release of their first full length album and title track "Be Mine" on the 21st.

Infinite is gathering a lot of attention because they have risen past many other idol groups who have released albums at the same time.

Critic No Junyoung said, "Infinite is making 'Infinite-style' music stand out and they are securing their place in the music industry with their specialty music and performance," and, "Now, they are securing their place with record sales. Infinite will go down in K-pop history."

Netizens who heard the album said, "Let's win with this album!" "It's the best," and, "I'm more impressed the more I listen to it."

Meanwhile, Infinite will start their full schedule with MBC's Music Core on the 23rd.

ZE:A performed Watch Out @ Love Request!

The boys performed without Kevin on the show,hope that Kevin will have a speedy recovery,hwaiting ZE:A!