f(x)’s Victoria thanks fans for Music Bank victory

Fresh after f(x)’s first ever music show victory last night on Music Bank, group leader Victoria uploaded a photo of the quintet with a thank you message on me2day to their fans.
The message reads as follows:
To everyone that has stayed by our sides, helped us and cheered us on~ f(x) fans~ SM family~ To everyone we love, thanks for being with us~ In the future we’ll work harder~ Thank you. And we love you~!!^^
The photo reveals the five girls in their dressing room after the win, with Luna still in tears from the emotional victory. A huge congrats to these talented young ladies for their win!

Wonder Girls featured in Warhol’s “Interview” magazine

With all of the US exposure the Wonder Girls have been receiving in various magazines including Teen Vogue and PAPERMAG, fans will be delighted to see that the pop group has landed yet another feature in this month’s issue of the high profile magazine, “Interview”!
Described by their “quirky looks” and “industrial strength dance beats,” the Wonder Girls are profiled in a feature article that discusses their inception and rise to stardom since 2007.
For the photoshoot, the ladies worked with world-renowned photographer Robbie Fimmano to create a high fashion photospread. Styled from head to toe by Anna Sui’s Elin Svahn in paisley patterns and dark colors, the quintet exudes an austere yet boho-chic vibe that contrasts with their quirky, girls-next-door concept from 2 Different Tears, proving the quintet’s great versatility.
“Interview,” which was founded by the artistic icon Andy Warhol in 1969, showcases intimate conversations with the world’s top celebrities, musicians, artists and creative thinkers. You can check out more about “Interview” through their official website,

Sources: AJMukamal & TallMild on Twitter

Dongho Grew 8cm Since his Debut

U-KISS’s maknae Dongho is going through quite the growth spurt, as it’s been recently revealed that he grew 8 cm (3.14 inches) since his debut.
His profile currently lists his height as 178 cm (5′9″), which is an 8 cm increase since he was last recorded at 170 cm (5′6″) three years ago at the beginning of U-KISS’s debut.
Dongho explained, “At the time of my debut, I barely hit 170 cm. Because all of my hyungs were so tall, I actually had no choice but to add a bit more to my profile height and made it 173 cm.  After each new album release, however, I began to grow bit by bit.  I really grew to 173 cm between our promotions for ‘I’m Not Young‘ and ‘I Like You.’  Our company raised my profile height by 2 cm again, but by the time we were done promoting ‘Bingeul Bingeul‘, I was 175 cm.  While preparing for ‘0330′, I checked my height and now I’m really 178 cm.”
He continued, “I’m working on both an acting and singing career now so it is a bit physically difficult, but I’m doing my best and learning a lot.  I’ll make sure to show everyone my improvement and growth.”
U-KISS left for the U.S. on April 27th to attend the Korea Music Festival in Los Angeles, California.

credits: allkpop + iloveukiss
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ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

Tall and Handsome Army ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

Nine people of the Korean male vocal group ZE:A went to do live in the Fashion & Music Event 「Girls Award 」that held in 29th.
At this day’s stage, they showed three songs 「Here I am」、「MAZELTOV」、「LOVE COACH」. Combining their tall figures and extra ordinary styles in their sharp dances, they delivered powerful performances.
Their masculine vocals attracted the female fans to crowd the place.

“Children of Empire” is a well-known Korea 9 member male vocal group.
In January 7th 2010, They debuted with mini album 「Nativity」and single 「Mazeltov」. From before debut, they appeared in Mnet’s famous show “Empire Kids”, they had guerilla concerts more than 50 times nationwide and gained more than 10,000 fans, made it become a big topic.
At the same time when they debuted, they published the 1st mini album , at the same year in September Japan’s debut album [ZE:A!] ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily Chart, on December 2010 they released Japanese single 「Love☆Letter」and ranked 2nd on the same chart, they ranked 9th in weekly chart, continuing their steady step ups.
From their cute looks, they managed to make an unbelievable stage performance, the event itself is very popular and usually always sold out.
In April 27th ZE:A released new album [Here I Am].

Source: MDPR
Translation: fetishoney @EmpireChildren
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f(x), 'we still can't believe we got 1st

After the joyful event with f(x) win, Joynews 24 interviewed them on KBS Music Bank Backstage. Read it out :)

[Reporter Jang Jinri] f(x), who occupied the 1st place position for the first time since their debut, revealed their emotion-filled thoughts with hot tears.

On the evening of the 29th f(x) surpassed 4minute's "Mirror Mirror" with their full album title song "Pinocchio" and occupied 1st place on "Music Bank" which was held at KBS's Annex Open Hall in Seoul's Yeouido. f(x), who rose to 1st place for the first time since their debut, was unable to leave the stage and shed many tears for a long time even after the broadcast ended.

f(x), whom we met after the live broadcast in the waiting room for "Music Bank," weren't able to speak up easily. The waiting room was quickly transformed into a sea of tears with stylists and staff members, and of course the members of f(x), being thrilled and shedding tears for f(x)'s first 1st place.

f(x) shared their emotion-filled thoughts by saying "Honestly, right now in this moment we still can't believe we got 1st place," and "We're grateful to everyone who has loved us."

f(x)'s member Amber expressed her happiness as she repeatedly said "Is this perhaps a hidden camera prank," and Krystal shed tears as she said "I'm just happy. Truthfully I can't think of anything right now." Luna and Victoria continued to weep from the emotion of winning 1st place and were unable to say anything, and Sulli said "I have bad eyesight so at first I wasn't able to clearly see the screen that was announcing 1st place. But then the other sunbaenims began to congratulate us and Victoria unnie suddenly began to cry so it was at that point when I realized it," and revealed her thoughts on winning 1st place as she also shed tears.

Meanwhile f(x) is experiencing a surge in popularity with their first full album Pinocchio.

/Reporter Jung Jinri

Source: Joy News 24
Original article: here
English translation: live laugh love @ Soompi

GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!! f(x) deserves to win!!!! i'm in danger...:p

2AM, Miss A, San-E, Lee Hyun and Joo will be in Jakarta!

Be Happy for the fans of JYP Nations in Indonesia!
After 2PM concert on March 2011 now it's time for the rest of JYP Nations to come. Thanks to Sound Rhythm who bring the whole JYP Nations to Indonesia. On their official twitter, they confirmed that there will be another Kpop Music Festival in Jakarta named Fantastic Kpop Jakarta. They said the artists that will be performed are 2AM, MISS A, SAN-E, Lee Hyun, and Joo.
We could see the ticket prices and seat classes on the picture above.

1. VIP I & VIP II : Rp 1.450.000
2. Tribune I : Rp 1.000.000
3. Festival : Rp 750.000
4. Tribune II& III: Rp 500.000

For more info , go follow SoundRhythm on twitter

cr pictures and info : SoundRhythm
article : dajeonglee

Dream High filming set to be opened to the public

The city of Goyang in Gyeonggi-do expressed on April 28th that they will open up the filming site of Kirin Arts High School, which was featured in the KBS2TV drama "Dream High", to the general public.

The filming location at Ilsandong-gu composes of the director's office used by Bae Yong Jun, the performance stage, practice room, the room used by IU and Kim Soo Hyun. Also, the sound system, storyboard, photo zones, props and merchandise, etc. will all be set up.

It will be open for free from April 30th to June 12th (10am to 5pm). Groups should make advance bookings with the official Dream High fan cafe for admission (, while individuals can visit the place directly.

In future, the city has plans to provide school field trips as well as a place for spring picnics. During the 16th Goyang Korea Flower Festival, tour buses are also scheduled to run once a day from May 1st to 15th.

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Newsis via Nate
Original article:

SHINee Jonghyun, 2PM Junsu, 2AM Changmin, Beast Yoseob, Sistar Hyorin battle!!

SHINee’s Jonghyun, 2PM’s Junsu, 2AM’s Changmin, B2AST’s Yoseop, and Sistar Hyorin will have singing battles in a program. The title of this program to be aired on Saturday in KBS 2TV is . It is an idol version of the of Happy Sunday. As the original one re-introduced old hit songs by sunbae singers, idol singers will sing old-time hit songs and the sunbae singers will decide the winner. The point seems to be how well they interpret the old songs in their own styles.
KBS Kwon Jaeyoung PD said, “I got goosebumps watching idol singers in last year’s Gayo Grand Festival. There are so many good idol singers. I think it is good for both singers and viewers to have a program that offers a chance to listen to their songs.”
As to the view that the program format is similar to that of of MBC Sunday Night, he said, “If you expect to see an idol version of , you’ll be disappointed. For there is no ranking or elimination in the . I think there is no measuring music in scores.” Idol singers have been labeled “3 Second Singers” as they have to share parts with other members in a big group. This will be a good chance for them to prove their singing ability.
How did the cast idol singers respond to the suggestion? Kwon PD says (2AM Changmin part not translated), the responses were divided. It is true that it can be a burden to the singers who are already loved by the public. But it is expected they will be able to focus on their performances without the pressure of a survival game. Besides the singers mentioned above, CN Blue Jeong Yonghwa, FT Island Lee Hongki, Super Junior Kyuhyun and Yesung have expressed their intention to participate in the program. He added, “This will be a good chance for fans to watch their idols grow up through the program.”
will be aired in May~June. For better performances, the stage will have a live band. The program will also show the back stage scenes of idols arranging and practicing their songs.
[from 10 Asia]
Trans by jujugal

this is the complete news for the [NEWS] Idol Singers Competition in KBS New Program - 2AM news :)

BIGBANG Interview on Crazy for Asian Star Magazine Japan

In [BIGBANG is Back] what changes have you challenged yourself with?

Rather than a change of style I think it’s an album that most clearly shows our growth. We’re still not musicians, not artists, but we’re not idol singers. We’re the right age to call ourselves idols, and we’ve felt thankful to everyone. So we want to express that the album is a transition of our growth from idols to musicians or artists.

The album contains the genre Digilog, but what sort of music is it?

Recently in electronic music, as it’s an environment where the artist and listener are comfortable, the listeners also get bored a bit, I think. In everyone’s music you can’t see any huge differences, it makes you think there’s only a really minute variation between them. We have to get out of that situation.
Moreover, global music is becoming more analogue in feel. Because of that, while the sound is current, we added a little analogue feel to the melody and tried to mix our old and new music together. As the current circumstances are hard, we want to comfort peoples’ hearts through warm music, so it’s Digilog music.

What is the strength of BIGBANG’s music?

There aren’t any hidden genres in our music. Hip hop, pop, punk, bossenova, rock – we add diverse interpretations to various genres of music and mix it all up. Because of that a wide range of age groups, from 10 – 40, can listen to our music. I think that’s the strongest point.

BIGBANG is a group that shines with the member’s individual personalities, but what do you do to harmonize as one group?

each member’s voice is different. Taeyang’s voice is best for pop and R&B, it has an emotional and subtle image to it. Daesung has a bright image, and at the same time it has a traditional Korean feeling, rather than taking on an international flavour. Seungri’s voice uses lung capacity and has a deep feeling of sorrow to it. TOP has a husky, masculine voice, and mine is light and has a high tone. Since each voice is very different, even when you put them together there isn’t a sense of them not fitting. I think that because everyone’s balance of high notes and low notes is different, it’s interesting. The first track is 3 minutes, and in all I think it has a really interesting feel to it. While recording we try lots of mixing, and we plan to do the same from now on.

Daesung: All five of us in BIGBANG try to adjust. In order to make our music listenable to people, we try hard to welcome/match our personalities to each other.

So rather you work to match each of your personalities?

We worried what would happen if rather than as BIGBANG my personality or Taeyang’s stood out, but when standing on stage again as five after such a long time we could express our personalities as BIGBANG. And so we devoted ourselves like when we debuted and tried our hardest. We made a penalty system for being late in rehearsal time etc, and all in all we prepared really hard.

A lot of work must going in to trying to fit everyone’s personalities into one…

When making the mini album this time, we were able to know everyone’s personalities better. Since we combined while emphasizing each of our own strengths in the whole thing, it was much less difficult than I’d thought. Even if we bring together things that at a glance are completely difference it fits perfectly as BIGBANG, and likewise while our individual likes and feelings are different, when we combine them there’s this sense of doing it for the first time/a sense of newness. It’s not that I thought it was difficult; we were able to feel excitement/fun at producing our individual artists.

Without doing any particular promotions, you have had a great influence on the Western market for the first time. What are your feelings now that you’ve spread your wings in the world?

I don’t think it’s that we’ve become famous. Looking at the results of our individual promotions – Taeyang’s solo album, the GD&TOP album etc - I think that the attention even overseas has increased. Of course we can’t help feeling pressure from that. Taeyang has been to America previously, and the artists there seemed to have an interest in Korean music. Before we had a strong desire to make music that Korean listeners wanted, but now we feel like we have to compete with international artists too, it’s quite exciting.

GD: BIGBANG’s music isn’t made just for people in Korea, we’re also working to enter the foreign market, and we have the motivation for it. I think we’ve had the benefit of the accumulation of the efforts of Jinusean and Se7en-hyung and lots of other seniors. It would be great if in 10 years time if we’re lucky our juniors will also have the benefit of our efforts. If all Korean groups, by working like this, gradually raised the overall quality in the music industry, it would be wonderful. I’d be happy if Korean singers worked hard to be frequently noticed abroad.

Talking of BIGBANG, your performances with their overflowing confidence are striking.

We’ve been working hard for almost 5 years, and maybe because we’ve made music that we want to, it seems that BIGBANG now could have the ability to not be embarrassed whenever or wherever we perform. About my guitar performance in Tonight – it was actually something I didn’t have much confidence about, but if I think it’s embarrassing then it falls apart. On stage I feel like that part alone is my stage. I think a performance is all about how much confidence you have.

What is BIGBANG’s wish, music-wise?

Abroad really famous artists release an album after a long absence and simply through blogging that artist is noticed, but in Korea if a singer releases an album and doesn’t do promotions then they can’t be recognized. I think that’s a shame. These days although we want to record music one day and release it through the simple way of blogging the next day so that fans can hear lots of songs, there’s a company system in place in Korea and it’s not that simple. And we want to do loads more performances. However, if the system could be changed so that we could make the music we like, record it, and share it with everyone, it would be really great I think.

So you mean you want to share music more easily?

If we could, then I think that musicians who really want to release music will be given so many more opportunities. Then we could have comparatively relaxed feelings, produce music regardless of the genre, and be able to choose music that listeners also want to hear. That kind of free feeling is great, isn’t it? So from now on we’re planning on increasing events through blogs. Perhaps before the end of the year it/we will change dramatically.

BIGBANG’s members have stress or worries, I think. How do you all overcome it?

We’ve been in bad condition due to stress and worries. So from about a year ago we decided to regularly take breaks to talk. I think that even now we’ve grown. From now there are many things that we have to show. Korean idol singers are restricted by a set framework, but I think that it can also be called a good environment. However, we don’t want to be restricted by it. If you look at it, we’re very free, I think. That isn’t because of a freedom of behaviour, but because each of our likings and personalities are different, we are truly free. So if we’re restricted then we feel stressed.

What meaning does 1st place in music shows have for BIGBANG?

I think that a simple ranking system for music shouldn’t have such a huge standard for judgement. However the reality where we judge artists based on rankings is a huge shame. Recently in today’s music industry, being 1st or 2nd isn’t that important. We’re not obsessed over being 1st. If we can have confidence in the music we make ourselves and have fun, then I think it’s good.

GD: Even though it’s a no. 1 chosen by everyone, there are times when the person who I think is no.1 and the person who others think is no.1 is different. Without knowing if that was correct or not I asked other people, and everyone also seemed to think the same thing as me.

Source: Tisya @ bigbangupdates
Translated by : butimbigbang@tumblr

Seungri, "Im happiest when I'm standing on stage"

Update: 난 무대에서는게 가장행복하다 우리의 노래와 관객들의 환호성이 합쳐질때.. 그어떤것도 두렵지않다^^
Translation: I am happiest when I am standing on the stage. When our songs join with the cheers of the audience.. I am not afraid of anything^^

빅뱅 일본투어 나고야 오사카 치바 LOVE&HOPE 막방 인기가요 스페셜
Tags: BIGBANG, Japan Tour, Nagoya, Osaka, Chiba, LOVE&HOPE, Last Inkigayo Special
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After School Promoting Pledis Boss’ Cafe

U-ie and Lizzy’s pics + Cropped pics are under the cut:

Credit: Baidu
Source: AfterSchoolDaze

Hallyu singers cancel all their Japan schedules in the month of May

Hallyu stars had cancelled all of their schedules in Japan for the month of April and May.

4minute, BEAST, CN Blue, ZE:A, Lee Jihoon, and more had planned for concerts and fan meeting in Japan for early May. However, due to the tragedy that struck Japan last month, all the schedules planned out for May had been extended and rescheduled.

Cube Entertainment, the management for BEAST and 4minute, stated on the 24th, “We planned to focus on promoting in Japan during the month of May. However, there was tremendous amount of damage due to the earthquake and since many areas are still under the recovery stage, we had decided to reschedule the dates for Japan promotions. We are still under debate about the times we should reestablish our dates for Japan promotions and we will need to look out for the situation for a longer period of time. “


4Minute's Hyun Ah tweeted new selca photos on Twitter!

 Twitter selca queen Hyun Ah shared another new set of self-taken photos!

If i am not mistaken,she said that 4Minute has arrived at Music Bank.The girls will perform on Music Bank later today.Remember to check out DKPOPNEWS on time to watch the girls' cool performance as well as other performances!

2pm interview from More Magazine

Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways
Main Interview Jap-Kor: 누네상스 블루멜로우
- 2PM are popular as beastly idols not only in Korea, but in other Asian countries. Are they beastly in real-life as well?

When Junho is very concentrated while dancing, singing or composing, he’s like a real beast on a hunt. Haha.
Junho: When I play games too. Right now the game called “Civilization” is popular among the members. It’s a really good stress reliever! In case of Taecyeonie-hyung, he’s responsible for beastly visuals. He’s very charismatic. And also very beastly when he eats. Haha.
Taecyeon: Because I eat a lot and fast!
Chansung: I’m beastly when I’m exercising.
Wooyoung: As for me, it’s when I’m rehearsing hip-hop dance alone in front of the mirror.
Nichkhun: I might have a cute image in the eyes of the fans, but… surprisingly I have a very manly side too! Really. (laughs)
Junsu: By default, all of the members become beasts when they do something they like or when they are on stage. But other than that, especially in privacy we are very delicate. Like rabbits. (laughs)

- Up till now all 6 members of 2PM have been living together. We’ve heard you have moved to another house recently?
Wooyoung: I finally have a room of my own which I have craved for so much.
Nichkhun: It’s a two-storey house.
Junho: However, Taecyeonie-hyung has been so busy filming for “Dream High”, he hasn’t settled down in his room yet.
Junsu: Chansung is a bit weird. Because when he said that he’s ok with sleeping in the living-room, it got us worried – he’s simply erected a wall in the middle of the living room, making it into a room for himself! As a result, he’s now a member with the biggest room (laugh).
Taecyeon: But isn’t that cool?
Junsu: He’s smart!
Chansung: But since we’ve left for Japan before the clean-up, there are still cardboards lying around (laughs).
Junsu: The best part about having a room for yourself, is that you can hang your clothes freely around the room.
Wooyoung: Right now I’m really absorbed into what we should do with the interior. I want to make it look good and easy to use.
Taecyeon: I’m fine with any place as long as I can sleep and eat well.

- On top of that, a full-scale debut in Japan! Do you have anything to promise us about the future?

First, we need to master the Japanese language.
Junho: I promise to build a beast-like body.
Nichkhun: Apart from the beastly appearance, I’d like show a different side of us as well.
Taecyeon: I want to meet Japanese fans on a huge stage. Somewhere like Tokyo Dome!
Junho: Also (lowers down his head) reaching No. 1… on Oricon charts…
Taecyeon: We do want that!
Junho: We’re going to try!
Junsu: And work hard!!

Couple Interview
Jap-Kor: 왓탐 번역노예팀 (진로&맥)

Taecyeon: Junsu has a really beautiful voice.
Junsu: Taecyeon is very manly. He’s good at rapping at acting. He’s very cheerful and always brightens up the atmosphere. However, aren’t you a bit tired lately? He wishes to have more sleep!
Taecyeon: (laughs out loud) Junsu probably also has a comedian talent. He started to show that side of his on TV as well recently. I wonder if the acute fans noticed that?
Junsu: Huhuhu (laughs). Taecyeon is a real beast on stage, but normally he’s very cute and laughs so much, it would be easy to label him as the maknae of the team. It’s surprising.
Taecyeon: When we used to share a room together, watching Junsu compose before going to sleep had been my habit.
Junsu: But now we live in different rooms, kkk. It’s a bit lonely!


Wooyoung: Khun-hyung never points out the faults in other people. He’s very considerate of the members and the staff, because he has great manners. For example, if there's some kind of make-up failure, he lends his help without saying a word, and things like that…
Nichkhun: (claps in silence)
Wooyoung: I also like it that he goes to sleep early. He’s easy to be with.
Nichkhun: Wooyoung is a very considerate dongsaeng. Since I’m the type to go to sleep and wake up early, he makes sure that it’s not noisy at home. I also like it that he uses shower neatly (laughs).
Wooyoung: Now it’s kind of hard, because we’re busy, but we used to go shopping together.
Nichkhun: We used to eat out together, and go to bookstores… now I want to embark on a journey one day with all of the members together! Somewhere to the seaside!
Wooyoung: I want to go skiing. In winter!
Chansung: What kind of person is Junsu Junho? Umm… It’s hard.
Junho: Hurry uuuup (laughs)
Chansung: Since he’s very smart, he’s the type of a person to think thoroughly about anything. I respect him, because he has a great power of determination. (steals a glance at Junho)… And his weakness…
Junho: You can say it, it’s ok lol
Chansung: Really? We’re always like that together (laughs). If I had to pick one weakness, I guess he has an impatient nature?
Junho: That’s true. I also think like that (laughs out loud). Chansung has nothing to fix! I could only think of a whole bunch of good points (laughs). The way I see it, he loves 2PM a lot, and always thinks about the group. He’s also very sensitive. A friend one can trust. And also very manly!

Jung Yong Hwa Explains the Mutizen Song Information Spill

Seoul, Korea – Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE explained the truth about the mutizen song information spill.
On SBS’ Strong Heart, Jung Yong Hwa shared his story when he was the MC of Music Trend (Inkigayo).
He said, “I’ve made lots of mistakes when I was the MC.” I have rightfully lived the nickname, ‘Nuisance MC’ from the moment I was the MC for Gayo Battle.
Then he added, he shouted out the name of the winner of the week when the results were not announced yet. He actively engaged in explaining related rumors.
He said, “there are seven nominees of the mutizen song. And Tae Yang was the first on the list. For a moment I mistook it as the winner’s announcement. I even congratulated him for the winning.
Because he congratulated him, even Sulli congratulated Tae Yang after Jung.
The only possible way out of this is Tae Yang to actually win the mutizen song and fortunately he did win the mutizen song.” Recalling the moment.
Due to the accident, “some have questioned if the MCs already know the winner but this is not true” he explained.
Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi, who also was a MC of the same program, shared his mistakes. Lee said, “I said, thank you for watching Music Bank,” two years ago, calling out a competition program.
By Lee Kyeong Nam (
Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from SBS TV Strong Heart captures
Translated by Ye Sul Kwak /

2NE1 THE PARTY Live in Manila details

Let’s get the party started! 2NE1 will have their ‘party’ in Philippines on June 4, 2011 at the Big Dome (Araneta Collesium). Happee Sy recently updated her facebook about the released of tickets on May 2 and the seating plans for the anticipated concert. General Admission is also added on the ticket list and it looks like The Big Dome will be jam packed with excited Blackjacks and KPOP Lovers!
Here is the seating plan for the concert!

Check Ticketnet ( for more details regarding the ticket.
What are you waiting for! Let the Fire begin!
Source: 2NE1PH’s Twitter + HAPPEE SY@facebook

MNet MCountdown Performers List

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

f(x), Big Bang, Tony Ahn, Eru, Turtle, Monday Kiz, 4Minute, Kim Greem, Dal Shabet, Kim Tae Woo, Yangpa, B1A4, TaeHa, Primary, A-Pink

Show starts around 6:00pm KST (GMT +9)

Producer Teddy Riley talks about Big Bang

Excerpt from an article on producer Teddy Riley talking about Kpop when he went to Jeju last Sunday [for the Inkigayo concert special]:

On Big Bang, he praised them by saying they're "a threatening group which can conquer the pop music market even beyond Asia." He also added how G-Dragon can speak English fluently and is able to communicate well with others.

Credits: Star
Translation by Rice @ bigbangupdates

Victoria proves that her body is absolutely flexible!

f(x)'s leader Victoria's photo taken during the filming of Smoothie King CF has become a hot topic among fans and netizens.

As you can see in the photo,Victoria managed to do the difficult pose with an ease,the staff of the CF shooting was shocked to see Victoria's pose too.

Impressed with Victoria's flexibility?

FTIsland, First Korean Band to Rank 2nd on Oricon Weekly Chart

5-Member rock band FTIsland gains huge popularity in Japan.

The band’s 4th Japanese single titled “Satisfaction” was ranked 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart the day it was released. Following that, the single is also up on the 2nd position on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

With a total sales figure of 34,163 copies, FTIsland’s single is ranked 2nd on the weekly chart, with Kanjani8 at the 1st position.

According to their management company in Japan, FNC Japan, “FTIsland has been doing activities consistently in Japan and has gained a high level of recognition. All these contributed to their outstanding sales records. The band is gaining lots of popularity in Japan and will be holding a solo concert in Budoukan this coming July.”

On the other hand, FTIsland will be releasing their first regular Japanese album, titled “Five Treasure Island” on 18 May, embarking on a series of promotional events.

Credit: Star News + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)

SHINee unveiled concept photos for japanese debut!

Check out SHINee's concept photos for their Japanese debut.

The boys seem to be making their debut in Japan with cute image as shown in the photos,any opinion to share concerning their debut in Japan?

SNSD's Yoona will be featured in SHINee's Replay MV!

U-KISS to be the first Korean artists to perform in Brunei

U-KISS is about to make history by becoming the first ever Korean artist to perform in Brunei.
The idol group recently made their comeback with ‘0330‘, and their popularity has been rising steadily. After wrapping up their ‘0330′ promotions, they’ll take off to start their Asian promotions in May.
U-KISS stated, “We are going to be performing in Brunei. We’ve never been there before, so we’re very excited. We heard that we will be the first Korean artist to perform there. Therefore, we are more nervous and think we should do a good job.”
The boys will tour Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore as well as Brunei in May during their Asian promotions.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

SM confirms “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO” for September

SM Entertainment’s “SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION” has been confirmed for September 3rd and 4th!
The two-day concert was originally scheduled for April 9th and 10th at the Tokyo Dome concert hall, but due to the natural disasters affecting Japan, SM Entertainment had no option but to postpone the date.
As the Tokyo Dome can house a 50,000 member audience, representatives are expecting over a 100,000 member audience over the two days.
Aside from Tokyo, “SM TOWN LIVE” will be heading to Paris, France on June 10th as well and all tickets were snapped up almost immediately after going on sale on April 26th.
Source: Newsen via Nate

After School's fanclub balloon colour revealed!

After School will make their comeback this week with their 1st full length album.

Playgirlz must be excited with the girls' comeback.Before that,the official fanclub balloon colour of After School has been revealed.

As shown in the photo below,it is Pearl Periwinkle in colour!

Make sure that you have a balloon in Pearl Periwinkle when you attend After School's event in the future!

Photo and info credits to AfterSchCraze @ Twitter


ZE:A's official twitter account shared some photos of Dong Jun being dressed in Aladdin's  outfit.

The girl he poses with is the girls who casted in KBS Drama Tale of The Fox Child.Sorry for my poor Korean,if i am not mistaken,they were casted in a musical together.

Dong Jun looks cute in this outfit right?

2PM-Wondergirls-MissA to lead campaign on overcoming high oil prices

[E-Daily SPN Journalist Choi Eunyoung] "Overcoming the intrinsic value of oil prices and helping with energy conservation, JYP are with you"

Park Jinyoung and various assigned artists from JYP Entertainment will be leading a campaign against high oil prices and energy conservation.

2PM, Wondergirls, and Miss A will be conducting a multimedia campaign in e-daily "2011 green energy family campaign" to encourage the citizens.
Passionate boy group 2PM started the campaign with "Energy conservation with 2PM, carbon diet" which started on the 25th and garnered a lot of attention.

The campaign will last for three months until June 20th. Wondergirls will resume the campaign from June to August with the campaign message "Energy conservation with Wondergirls". Miss A will be taking over from September to November.
The campaign's progress can be followed through with e-daily's homepage. The netizens can participate and all of the accumulated funds will be donated to children and low-income families and other necessitites.
2PM will be participating on the first campaign. 4 participants will be chosen by 2pm and will be presented a special gift from them.

'Green Family Campaign' started on 2009 with participants such as Lee Minho, Yoon Eunhye, Girls' Generation, and Han Jihye. This campaign is sponsored by Korea Energy Management Corporation.

Participation method of this campaign and the detailed contents can be seen at (http://campaign.edai....asp?status=1)
Source: edaily | EN-Trans: wonderr23 @

Big Bang Signed Polaroids

These are the polaroids that will be given away (to lucky fans) for one of the promo events for BIGBANG's Star Collection Cards.

Credits: Gmarket via BestizC:bigbangupdates

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Singapore Info

Date: Friday 15 July
Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins to 3 hrs approx

The final line-up includes BIGBANG, 2NE1, FT ISLAND, U-KISS, MISS A, DAL★SHABET, TEEN TOP, THE BOSS, TOUCH and X-5!

Tickets will be priced at:
$318.00 mosh pit
$318.00 CAT 1 seated
$258.00 CAT 2 seated
$198.00 CAT 3 seated
$148.00 CAT 4 seated
$118.00 CAT 5 seated

Seating plan will be uploaded within the next 2 days.
Tickets will go on sale on Saturday 7 May 2011 via SISTIC.

Note: The performance time (number of songs) for each band is decided by their respective artist agency. Be it 7 bands, or 8 bands or 10 bands performing, it will not affect each band’s performance time (number of songs)/duration of concert.

Credits: Korean Music Wave Facebook


The surprisingly look-alike cousin of Jung Yunghwa has been revealed

The cousin of CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa who has a surprisingly look-alike face with him has been revealed in a TV programme.
In a recent episode of KBS2 TV , ‘On Your Commander,Sir!’, the face of the cousin of Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE) has been revealed. When they were recording the recent episode of ‘On Your Commander, Sir!’ in Seojong University, a group of 11 students made a surprising appearance as newbies in front of the camera.
On 26th, Yonghwa’s cousin updated his twitter at 3pm, he wrote,’ It was really nice to shoot this at school. I saw Yonghwa Hyung! I was just having a look all around then suddenly I saw a handsome face. I don’t think I have mistaken him! I would seem silly if I have made a mistake.’
The netizens then showed interests to his twit by replying, ‘I saw that they were filmming in different scenes.’ ‘Jeong Hweesoo shi, this is the moment for you to become famous.’
(omitted irrelevant information)
Source: Nate
Translated by: Rice @cnbluestorm
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Coffee company “Jardin” announced recently that f(x) Victoria will be endorsing their brand, “Real Coffee”. Recently, many companies have been using girl groups/idols such as SNSD, to advtertise their drinks, creating the name of ”Girl-idol Marketing” 

f(x)’s Victoria will be advertising for “Coffee Real”, displaying freshness, just like the coffee. [the coffee is instant, yet tastes like the real thing.]. She has been gaining the support and enthusiasm from high school students and many more.

Victoria was chosen as a model for this coffee brand because she had been showing a bright and fun personality in the reality/entertainment TV shows she is in – which made her perfect for the role of advertising a coffee with six different flavors.

[Ommited, as it is not about Victoria, f(x), or SM]

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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

f(x) Mentions Kyuhyun and Heechul in an Interview

2. Super Junior's Kyuhyun : He's Victoria's best friend. When Victoria first came to Korea from China, she decided to call everyone an unni or oppa. So she also called Kyuhyun an oppa. Later, when she found out that he's actually younger than her, she became awkward around him. Victoria said, "Kyuhyun approached me first and we became close when he joked I'm an oppa, an oppa. Now, we have become friends. He always gives me advice and is a funny friend."

3. Super Junior's Kim Heechul : Sulli's real older brother(?). They reveal everything to each other and are candid. Sulli said, "I don't know how it happened. We trust and take care of each other. But at the same time, we don't cross each other's line. When we are in front of other people, we praise each other. I think I have to do that for people that I like."

Source: Sportschosun
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

TVXQ Talk About Ending Their Activities, “We Gained Strength From Our Fans Who Waited So Long For Us”

TVXQ(U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin) will be leaving the Korean stage for a while to have time to recharge.
On the 22nd, TVXQ appeared on KBS2′s ‘Music Bank’ 600th Episode Special to sing ‘Why-Keep Your Head Down’ and their hit song ‘Rising Sun’ and say farewell to their fans in preparation for their temporary departure from Kpop.
Before the performance, TVXQ held a small interview in the ‘Music Bank’ waiting room and U-Know Yunho said, “I like the fact that we get to showcase ‘Rising Sun’ and ‘Why’ in one performance.”
He also expressed his gratitude and lingering regrets as he said, “I feel really great about having been able to perform for a long period of time after our prolonged absence from Kpop, and we gained much strength from our fans who waited so long for us.”
On this day, TVXQ showcased a performance brimming with energetic, lively and charismatic charm and proved once more the power and potential of the team.
Now that TVXQ have wrapped up their domesitc activities, they plan to focus on overseas performances.
Source: [tv daily]
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