Hyun Joong says: “I earned 0.9 million dollars through part-time jobs before my debut”

In the episode of SBS E! TV’s Star Q10 that airs on July 9, Kim Hyun Joong reveals his story of earning 0.9 million dollars through various part-time jobs and the reason why he had to earn money on his own.
He has tried many part-time jobs to earn money. Also, he manages a small restaurant of fried chicken with his friend and appears on the pamphlet to advertise his own business.
His unusual economic idea confuses his relationship with his acquaintances. He treats Lee Seung Gi who was born a year before him as his friend who were born in the same year, and calls Yunho a big brother although he was born in the same year with him. Kim Hyun Joong says, “I need to be fed by those who were born even a day before me because they are all big brothers to me.”
This episode of Star Q10 airs on Saturday at 2:30 p.m.
Source Nate by Hanna@Korea.com