MBLAQ’s Thunder reveals past selca he took with IU

On July 24th, MBLAQ’s Thunder re-visited his long-time friendship with IU on Twitter.
Thunder wrote, “Putting up IU and Thunder’s past photo! Keke, we’re truly all natural! Natural idols! ^^ The fact that Ji Eun and Sang Hyun, who both had so many dreams, are now singers and meeting not in a training room but at a music program is still so very amazing.. hehe. IU and MBLAQ Thunder fighting!”
The text on the pictures read: “LOEN, Sang Hyun, Ji Eun, daebak singers.”
The two are known to be close friends, as Thunder was previously a trainee at Loen Entertainment, IU’s current label. The two had shown off their friendship before when Thunder guest-featured in IU’s album, “REAL” as well as appearing in IU’s music video, “Missing Child“.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate