Seungri reveals his shoe collection for InStyle Magazine

In Instyle July, Seungri showed us his shoe collection, as part of the magazine's "100 Star Craft" special for its 100th issue.

Description of the (numbered) shoes:
1) Seungri accepted G-dragon’s offer and exchanged his 3.1 Philip Lim jacket for a pair of Lanvin sneakers.
2) Out of his collection of shoes, this was the hardest Lanvin shoe to find. He searched everywhere for it but to no avail… fans found it and gave it to him as a present.
3) He bought these YSL sneakers in Las Vegas… the salesperson was too pretty so he had no hesitation and bought it impulsively.
4) He wore these sneakers when BIGBANG won their first award.

Credits: SeungriCN
Translation from jwalkervip