T-ara’s Hyomin rushed to hospital after fainting from fatigue

It’s being reported that T-ara’s Hyomin has fainted due to fatigue.
On July 19th, Hyomin’s representative revealed,
Hyomin was filming for her MBC drama ‘Gyebaek’ in the countyside since early this morning. As soon as that was over, she fainted on her way back to Seoul for her round-table interview about her lead role in her debut movie, ‘Gisaeng Ryung‘.
As soon as Hyomin fainted, she was taken to the Ajou University Hospital in Gyeonggi Suwon for an examination. She is now on the way to a hospital in Seoul for another check-up.
It seems that her fatigue built up from her busy schedule with T-ara’s new song promotions, filming for her drama, and promotions for her new movie.
First and foremost, we are focusing on taking care of Hyomin’s health. We will worry about how to take care of her schedules afterwards.
Source: Star News via Nate