2PM’s Nichkhun joins miss A as a model for ‘Edwin’

Clothing brand Edwin are known for their star marketing with A-list celebrities, and this time, they’ve picked up 2PM’s Nichkhun to join miss A as their fall season models.
Since the release of 2PM’s 2nd full-length album, Nichkhun has been named as a blue chip of the commercial world, as he’s modeled for fashion, cosmetics, beverages, communications, and many other products and services. Edwin is hoping that Nichkhun will show both 2PM’s dynamic image with their trendy fashion sense along with his bright and friendly image from ‘We Got Married‘.
Meanwhile, miss A released their first full-length album, ‘A Class‘, on July 28th, and immediately took an all-kill on online charts with their title track “Good Bye Baby“.
In honor of miss A’s new album being released, Edwin will be holding a smartphone photo event to upgrade their young and fashionable brand image, beginning on July 22nd.
This app will be available for Android phones and will allow people to upload photos of themselves posing alongside the miss A members. The photos will then enter a contest in which people will vote for their favorite shots. The top 50 photos will win a variety of prizes. including gift certificates, miss A’s album, and signed bromides. Fans can visit www.wstar.kr to download the app and enter in the contest.
Source: Kmonnews via Nate