2NE1 for First Look Magazine: Billion Dollar Baby


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2NE1 who have comeback with the much talked-about 'I Am The Best'. With their first solo concert and full-fledged overseas activities coming up, 2011 looks set to be an important year in 2NE1's history. We can't not admit. They are indeed the best.

- Editor Jeon Hyo Jin, Photographer Hong Jang Hyeon

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A person's character may be determined by certain factors. One of the biggest factors is the person's words. Similarly, one of the biggest factors that determine a group's personality is the message their songs convey. Whether the songs are written by the group themselves, or whether it is written by a composer, the type of song and the message within the song express the group's image and personality. Thus far, most girl groups have been sending out the same message. The desire to be loved, the struggles of love, being in love…

But 2NE1 is different. These girls who received enormous interest from the public even before their debut and who dominate every music stage they stand on are not extraordinarily sexy. Nor are they so charismatic that they are able to command admiration from even members of the same sex. Neither are they completely pure or innocent like pearls. But they are a group who'll say, "We are 2NE1, wanna have fun with us?" and then proceed to show you the best time as they take the stage.

This year marks the second anniversary of 2NE1. In two short years, these girls have made a big impact on the popular music scene as well as their young fans. Decked out in clothes by the likes of Martin Margiela and Balmain, these girls raise the fashion bar.every time they go on stage. And they change the way girl groups talk and portray themselves every time they sing songs that display the power of the modern independent woman. We ask these girls what is the message they would like to convey to the fans who idolize this very image of them.

"I'm not quite sure will our fans want to have hair, make-up and clothes that are as scary as ours?" (laughs)

said a laughing Sandara, who was sporting the 'Vegeta hairstyle'. CL continued,

"I think the message that we want to convey through our songs has been understood. We want to let others know that there are there are girls like us who can stand proud even in front of guys and not be afraid to show the strength that women have".

Of course, no matter how tough a girl is, she'll sometimes fall in love, or when she's feeling lonely, she'll lose confidence and she may even lose her original image. And at those times, music can be a really great cure. There is no comparison to how 2NE1's music acts as a remedy. CL speaks some of her thoughts.

"Of course, as a female, it's important to defend our feminism. However of course I want to convey the message about how females are not always weak and small beings."

Also, Sandara Park fills us in on a method that she uses to increase her confident.

"On those kinds of days, you have to do your makeup nicely. When you see yourself looking pretty, you'll feel better and you'll feel confident."

With 2NE1's most recent song, 'I am the Best', the girls have returned with the essence of 2NE1. Along with a stunning music video that shows the girls' style and music in the best of quality.

"We were able to try out a lot of concepts in this music video which we were unable to before. The scene with the boxing champion, as well as the gun-shooting. This music video was our favourite concept, and the one we find the most fun."

The music video was filmed with the director, Seo Hyunseung, who values quality so much that he ended up taking one week to film a video that was to be shot in two days. The girls would occasionally get tired, however everyone appeared to be satisfied with the results. The efforts of 2NE1, who highly value quality as well, continues with their performances. Although one broadcasting company had offered 10 minutes of broadcasting time, they had refused it. The girls had stated they wanted to perform only one song in which they would have prepared for to perfection.

"Last time we had released a mini album, we were so busy that we couldn't give our best efforts to each stage. At one time, we had to do promotions with 3 songs and we would keep running out of time and our bodies were not in good condition. After going through that, we decided that we would do one song and make a proper performance."

The members spoke in unison.

"When there's an important performance the next day, I keep thinking about that scene. How should I sing, how should I dance, what kind of expressions should I make. These days I'm always like that."

CL stated that her thoughts these days are endlessly complicated like this, especially with the solo concert at the end of August.

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After 2NE1 finishes their first ever solo concert, they will be officially starting their Japanese promotions which were cancelled earlier this year. The fact that several fans covered 2NE1's song all around the world, uploading their videos on Youtube pales in comparison to the fact that 2NE1 will be starting their first overseas promotions with their Japanese promotions in September. In addition, M.NET's 2NE1 TV, which has played a huge role in revealing the lives of 2NE1, will be broadcasting overseas as well this season. Worldwide hip-hop producer, Will.I.Am, even came to Korea to meet the girls, and designer, Jeremy Scott, saw the girls on Youtube and was the one to request to meet them first. The ability to overcome the boundaries of countries and languages and appeal to people through their contemporary feel, this is definitely 2NE1's strength.

"These days, with such highly-developed internet capabilities, the cultural differences and boundaries of countries have almost completely disappeared. If we put in our best effort and work hard on our promotions, that will gradually, naturally be communicated to the world. I think it's important that we attract the attention of the world while putting in our best efforts in Korea."

On the day of 2NE1's photoshoot, the members were all very busy from the early morning with their individual shoots. The girls were extremely lively with their makeup and outfits the entire day up until it ended at 4AM. One wouldn't even be able to believe that they had a concert prepared for the end of August. Could it be that they enjoy these kind of tough situations instead?

"When you look at old pictures of Run D.M.C or other b-boys, they're all wearing Adidas track suits and white superstar running shoes. I think that looks really stylish and cool."

What will these girls, who are admiring hip-hop stars from 20 years earlier, be like in 20 years? Even if we don't know anything else, we know one thing for sure. That in 20 years, people will be looking at the photos that 2NE1 is taking right now while wearing Adidas Originals clothing, and say 'they look really stylish and cool.'

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Source: First Look
Translated by mandu00 & GEE @ ygladies.com