ZE:A ANAN Magazine No. 1765, interview


A single word from Junyoung:
If I reborn, I want to be Kwanghee! It’s because I don’t have humor sense. I love ballad, so I want to sing ballad in Japanese later.

From Dongjun (to Junyoung):
You’re always trying your best in learning ever since our trainee time; you are a person that really looks like an older brother. But, surprisingly you have childish side too; in this visit to Japan too, ever since we left Korea and until three days, you’re al~~ways gaming and not sleeping! That’s why, you always looked sleepy. Ah, your snoring is also terrible! I think your interesting action is above everyone’s imagination.

A single word from Heechul:
In the movie, I became a protagonist that wore hat in reticence; I did it too often until I’m sick of wearing hat. Someday, I want to play in band. I like L’Arc~en~Ciel.

From Minwoo (to Heechul):
I think you have cool and bright image, but the truth is you are very weird. There are too much dangerous secrets (laugh), it’s really can’t be said here!
You say “Let’s sleep together!”, and you come in to my bed, please stop it okay, Heechul! Ah, dear fans, please don’t misunderstand!


A single word from Minwoo:
I love Usher. When I’m imagining a singing figure for my solo, it will be Usher. I like how he always changes style and image, so now I’m using glasses.

From Junyoung (to Minwoo):
You have aegyo, and you’re likeable, even from a man’s view like me you are a person that people want to hug. Still, your weakness is that you have a lot of worries. Once in a while you’d mope; and you couldn’t concentrate in your works. Often, while we’re drinking alcohol, you consult your problem. Anyway, even though you like alcohol, seems like you love it more when you go drinking with your member. Your drinking habit is… a secret (laugh).


A single word from Dongjun:
You won’t be bored if you have me as your boyfriend! It’s because I have various ability in variety (laugh). I’m not really good at compliment my parents but I will work very hard and exhaust myself for my girlfriend!

From Kevin (to Dongjun):
Usually you’re always vigorous but because you’re still a child, you have to control yourself and not to let it out (T/N: the childish side)
It’s a well known fact that you like leopard pattern; the next thing I know is your fans come sending presents that contain leopard pattern, the recent one is leopard pattern pajama.


A single word from Taehun:
If I have girlfriend, I will dedicate my self-made song to her. At this interval too, it’s a sad song but, I made a song that I put my feelings into it, titled as “I want to protect you”.

From Heechul (to Taehun):
A carefree man?! Man with warmth?! You really have tolerance. And then, your personality isn’t two sided, you don’t have things that you hide… You are really a person that thinks about everyone. There is nothing that I want to fix from you, not even one! Your current self is good. Ah, but, it’s not perfect though (laugh).

A single word from Hyungshik:
This time, if I were reborn, I’ll go to university normally, and it seems that I will be a company employee. I was trainee since my childhood, so there are no memories of my school days remained.

From Kwanghee (to Hyungshik):
Like a prince, your characters are really nice. I want you to marry with my younger sister! When you saw actress nude pictures for anan in front of your eyes, you’re surprised, and turned it over. That purity too, you’re like a prince.
Your body is tall, and your singing is great, if I can reborn I want to be Hyungshik!


A single word from Kevin:
Ever since my childhood I love R&B. I listened to old songs too. I have practiced Justin Timberlake’s song so if I have a chance it seems that I will sing it.

From Hyungshik (to Kevin):
There are a lot of things that we learned together, ZE:A’s father! You gave me various advices seriously. But still, among other member, you’re the busiest , so even though you’re willing to listen to me, you’re hard to find! It’s a secret, but Kevin doesn’t have girlfriend! (“I have a lot” Kevin denies it desperately)


A single word from Siwan:
In this movie, there are only men, so next time I want to be in a love drama. If I be the boyfriend, I will propose my girl while playing violin.

From Taehun (to Siwan):
You’re supposed to be hyung but somehow you’re a short handsome man, I feel like growing you up more. You’re a man that people feel like to protect. We often go shopping together, somehow you really like western-style. If people asked how much money you have spent for the clothes you wore, they would be surprised because it really cost much. However, at one side there a lot of things that you forget, I often bring the things that Siwan forget to bring in the waiting room.


A single word from Kwanghee:
In the movie, I have the prince role accompanied by his subordinates. It’s an exact opposite character from myself, so I feel happy~. Someday I want to sing X-JAPAN’s ballad on stage.

From Siwan (to Kwanghee):
As everyone know, he’s always being cheerful everywhere, everytime. He is a mood maker that will make the place he is in become bright. But, sometimes his behavior is too excessive, he’s being noisy, so I want to fix that. He’s cheating on makeup though (laugh), the truth is he has dark skin. He will amaze other people that take their makeup.

Source: ANAN Magazine No. 1765 (2011.07.13)
Scans by: eiji satoshi @ ameba
Translation: fetishoney @EmpireChildren