FTIsland Transforms into Beautiful Warriors

FTIsland reveals their ”Beautiful Warriors” concept photos taken in collaboration with the fashion magazine “SURE”.

This issue of the magazine portrays the different images of FTIsland as well as the members’ excited looks as they drew out their sword and shield.

Being the first overseas artiste to grab the 1st position on the Oricon chart and an upcoming live concert at Budokan with all tickets sold out within 12 minutes, FTIsland’s growing popularity in Japan is proven once again.

FTIsland shares interesting stories on their Japanese activities preparation as well as their achievement this far through an interview with “SURE”. “Fans who came to support us 4 years ago when we were an Indie house band, still come to watch our concerts now. We feel most happy when people say that our band’s developing image is good.”

FTIsland’s interview and photoshoot will be revealed in the August issue of “SURE”.

Credit: TV Daily
Translated by ying1005@withtreasures