Sandara Park reveals her sweet ride on ‘2NE1tv’

2NE1’s Sandara Park has been gathering much attention lately for driving around a huge luxury car.
On July 19th’s broadcast of Mnet’s ‘2NE1tv‘, Sandara was seen driving around her beloved white Range Rover. Since her vehicle was an SUV especially, many fans were instantly reminded of the line, “Billion dollar baby“, from 2NE1’s latest track, “I Am The Best“.
It was revealed that this car is worth 130,000,000 won (approximately $123,800.00 USD). Not only were netizens surprised by how a small girl could drive such a large vehicle, but they were also stunned when she took her car to an automatic car wash during the show.
They gasped, “How could you take such an expensive car to an automatic car wash!”
Netizens commented, “She used to drive a BMW mini, did she change cars? Or, does she have two cars?” and “To have your first car wash at an automated car wash center… maybe this is just the mindset of rich people.”
Source + Pics: enews24 via Nate