Thunder, "Noona is beautiful w/ her unique hairstyles!"

MBLAQ's Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) encourages his sister, 2NE1 Sandara Park's breakthrough hairstyles.
At a TV report interview, Thunder commented on Sandara Park's breakthrough hairstyle, "I had a breakthrough in my character. Having a sister who can wear a hairstyle which suits a song so well makes people envious. I didn't see my sisters hairstyle in person I only saw it on MV. After seeing it, I thought "ahh, my sister of course"."
He also said, "there are a lot of hairstyles which look good too. However, only 2NE1 can pull off this kind of hairstyles. When my sister is alone, she can dress up to be pretty. She only did all these for 2NE1 but that doesn't mean she isn't pretty anymore. She is still pretty." This showed how much Thunder loves and treasures his sister.
On June 27th, Sandara Park's "Vegeta" became a hot topic on her me2day.
The above comment by Thunder was a reply to the question "Do you think it is embarrassing?" And Thunder showed his love for his sister.
On the other hand, MBLAQ released their 3rd mini album "Mona Lisa" on 12th July through music sites.
Chinese Translation by: 21impact
English Translated by LeeViolette