f(x), 'we still can't believe we got 1st

After the joyful event with f(x) win, Joynews 24 interviewed them on KBS Music Bank Backstage. Read it out :)

[Reporter Jang Jinri] f(x), who occupied the 1st place position for the first time since their debut, revealed their emotion-filled thoughts with hot tears.

On the evening of the 29th f(x) surpassed 4minute's "Mirror Mirror" with their full album title song "Pinocchio" and occupied 1st place on "Music Bank" which was held at KBS's Annex Open Hall in Seoul's Yeouido. f(x), who rose to 1st place for the first time since their debut, was unable to leave the stage and shed many tears for a long time even after the broadcast ended.

f(x), whom we met after the live broadcast in the waiting room for "Music Bank," weren't able to speak up easily. The waiting room was quickly transformed into a sea of tears with stylists and staff members, and of course the members of f(x), being thrilled and shedding tears for f(x)'s first 1st place.

f(x) shared their emotion-filled thoughts by saying "Honestly, right now in this moment we still can't believe we got 1st place," and "We're grateful to everyone who has loved us."

f(x)'s member Amber expressed her happiness as she repeatedly said "Is this perhaps a hidden camera prank," and Krystal shed tears as she said "I'm just happy. Truthfully I can't think of anything right now." Luna and Victoria continued to weep from the emotion of winning 1st place and were unable to say anything, and Sulli said "I have bad eyesight so at first I wasn't able to clearly see the screen that was announcing 1st place. But then the other sunbaenims began to congratulate us and Victoria unnie suddenly began to cry so it was at that point when I realized it," and revealed her thoughts on winning 1st place as she also shed tears.

Meanwhile f(x) is experiencing a surge in popularity with their first full album Pinocchio.

/Reporter Jung Jinri mari@joynews24.com

Source: Joy News 24
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GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!! f(x) deserves to win!!!! i'm in danger...in danger...:p