Coffee company “Jardin” announced recently that f(x) Victoria will be endorsing their brand, “Real Coffee”. Recently, many companies have been using girl groups/idols such as SNSD, to advtertise their drinks, creating the name of ”Girl-idol Marketing” 

f(x)’s Victoria will be advertising for “Coffee Real”, displaying freshness, just like the coffee. [the coffee is instant, yet tastes like the real thing.]. She has been gaining the support and enthusiasm from high school students and many more.

Victoria was chosen as a model for this coffee brand because she had been showing a bright and fun personality in the reality/entertainment TV shows she is in – which made her perfect for the role of advertising a coffee with six different flavors.

[Ommited, as it is not about Victoria, f(x), or SM]

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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang