Jung Yong Hwa Explains the Mutizen Song Information Spill

Seoul, Korea – Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE explained the truth about the mutizen song information spill.
On SBS’ Strong Heart, Jung Yong Hwa shared his story when he was the MC of Music Trend (Inkigayo).
He said, “I’ve made lots of mistakes when I was the MC.” I have rightfully lived the nickname, ‘Nuisance MC’ from the moment I was the MC for Gayo Battle.
Then he added, he shouted out the name of the winner of the week when the results were not announced yet. He actively engaged in explaining related rumors.
He said, “there are seven nominees of the mutizen song. And Tae Yang was the first on the list. For a moment I mistook it as the winner’s announcement. I even congratulated him for the winning.
Because he congratulated him, even Sulli congratulated Tae Yang after Jung.
The only possible way out of this is Tae Yang to actually win the mutizen song and fortunately he did win the mutizen song.” Recalling the moment.
Due to the accident, “some have questioned if the MCs already know the winner but this is not true” he explained.
Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi, who also was a MC of the same program, shared his mistakes. Lee said, “I said, thank you for watching Music Bank,” two years ago, calling out a competition program.
By Lee Kyeong Nam (kn0402@tvreport.co.kr)
Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from SBS TV Strong Heart captures
Translated by Ye Sul Kwak / Korea.com