ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

Tall and Handsome Army ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

Nine people of the Korean male vocal group ZE:A went to do live in the Fashion & Music Event 「Girls Award 」that held in 29th.
At this day’s stage, they showed three songs 「Here I am」、「MAZELTOV」、「LOVE COACH」. Combining their tall figures and extra ordinary styles in their sharp dances, they delivered powerful performances.
Their masculine vocals attracted the female fans to crowd the place.

“Children of Empire” is a well-known Korea 9 member male vocal group.
In January 7th 2010, They debuted with mini album 「Nativity」and single 「Mazeltov」. From before debut, they appeared in Mnet’s famous show “Empire Kids”, they had guerilla concerts more than 50 times nationwide and gained more than 10,000 fans, made it become a big topic.
At the same time when they debuted, they published the 1st mini album , at the same year in September Japan’s debut album [ZE:A!] ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily Chart, on December 2010 they released Japanese single 「Love☆Letter」and ranked 2nd on the same chart, they ranked 9th in weekly chart, continuing their steady step ups.
From their cute looks, they managed to make an unbelievable stage performance, the event itself is very popular and usually always sold out.
In April 27th ZE:A released new album [Here I Am].

Source: MDPR
Translation: fetishoney @EmpireChildren
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