Kwanghee's surgery and body hair

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ZE:A'S member Hwang Kwanghee received attention after talking boldly about his plastic surgery.

Kwanghee was a guest on KBS 2TV's "Hello" along with Jo Hyeryeon on April 25th. At the MCs' proposal to flick their foreheads as a penalty, Jo Hyeryeon revealed coolly: "I'm in debt for my forehead. But it's ok if you flick me, because it helps to relieve stress."

But Kwanghee refused to receive such penalty. He said: "I can't get flicking as a penalty, because I got the surgery on the forehead, eyes, nose, all of them. (referring to his face) It's all money!".

Asked if he got the surgery of his whole face, he answered, surprising everyone: "I got the surgery on everything!".

Kwanghee caused laughter by being worried about the amount of hair on his body: "When I have to wear shorts, I have my legs waxed. I'm worried because I have lots of armpit hair too".

Source: TV Report
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren
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