2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung & miss A’s Suzy share their thoughts on concluding “Dream High”

On the morning of February 28th, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and miss A’s Suzy expressed their feelings on finally concluding their much-loved drama, “Dream High.”

Suzy, who played the role of ‘Hyemi’, expressed, “I feel both refreshed and upset. It was my first project as well as leading role, so I worried over a lot of things. Fortunately, I’m able to conclude ‘Dream High’ amidst the love and support of my drama family. I know I was lacking, but I’ll work on my skills in order to improve as an actress and meet you all again. My ‘Dream High’ family, my miss A unnies, and all of those who loved ‘Dream High’, thank you. I will never forget the winter I spent life as ‘Go Hyemi.’”
Ok Taecyeon, who played the role of ‘Hyun Shihyuk/Jin Guk’, commented, “It was an opportunity for me to work with seniors, as well as grow as ‘actor Ok Taeyeon’. I was worried over whether I’d be able to do okay since I was playing the lead role in only my second project, but through the help and support of my friends, my acting junior J.Y. Park, and all of the staff members who helped the drama shine, I was able to take part in a meaningful project. It was very cold filming in the winter, but I spent a winter which was just as beautiful.”
Wooyoung, who played the role of ‘Jason’, concluded, “How could it be, ‘Dream High’ is already coming to an end!! I was nervous, especially since it was my first acting debut and because of the amount of English lines I had, but I was able to overcome it all thanks to the help of 2PM’s Taecyeon, and my seniors and directors. It was an extremely meaningful start and experience, so I’d like to thank all of those who supported and loved ‘Jason’.”

Source: OSEN via Nate

SJ-M's Korean Version of "Perfection" 1 min preview officially released!

Super Junior M will provide Korean Version of their mini album, meanwhile the Korean version of their single "Perfection" has been officially released in various music sites.

Check this sites to listen for 1 minute preview of the song.


credits: www.sj-world.net

Forbes Korea ranks SNSD first in 8th annual Korea’s Power Celebrity 40

Kim Yuna has been dethroned as number one for the past two years; now the coveted #1 goes to SNSD. Forbes Korea based this decision such as the number of articles about SNSD, product endorsements, and popularity on internet searches. In 2010, SNSD sold a staggering +270,000 albums (compared to Super Junior’s +250,000), 11.73 million internet downloads, and had 25 advertisements in total.

So how much did SNSD make exactly? Upwards of 200 billion won (200 million USD) from both the Korean and Japanese market. In addition, SM Entertainment’s stock has risen over 300% this year alone (not calculating inflation). SM Entertainment had a very, very good 2010, and with a new male group set to debut soon and SHINee preparing to do promotions in Japan, 2011 should be stellar as well.

Here is the complete list: (According to ranking)
  1. Girls' Generation [SNSD] (Singer)
  2. Park Jisung (Soccer player)
  3. Kim Yuna (Figure skater)
  4. Lee Seung-gi (Singer)
  5. 2PM (Singer)
  6. Yu Jae Suk (MC)
  7. Lee Chungyong (Soccer player)
  8. 2AM (Singer)
  9. Chu Shinsoo (Baseball player)
  10. Kang Hodong (MC)
  11. Lee Hyori (Singer)
  12. Yoon Shi Yoon (Actor)
  13. Rain (Singer)
  14. Park Chuyoung (Soccer player)
  15. Shin Mina (Actress)
  16. Super Junior (Singer)
  17. Wonbin (Actor)
  18. Hwang Jung Eum (Actress)
  19. Kim Hyesu (Actress)
  20. Go Hyun Jung (Acress)
  21. Kang Dong Won (Actor)
  22. Lee Daeho (Baseball player)
  23. Park Tae Hwan (Swimmer)
  24. Lee Nayoung (Actress)
  25. Jang Dong Gun (Actor)
  26. Shin Se Kyung (Actress)
  27. Lee Kyungkyu (MC)
  28. Big Bang (Singer)
  29. Lee Minjung (Actress)
  30. Choi Kyungjoo (Golfer)
  31. 2NE1 (Singer)
  32. Hyun Bin (Actor)
  33. Bae Yong Joon (Actor)
  34. Moon Geun Young (Actress)
  35. Lee Minho (Actor)
  36. Han Hyo Joo (Actress)
  37. Kim Tae Hee (Actress)
  38. Park Chanho (Baseball player)
  39. Park Myungsoo (MC)
  40. BEAST (Singer)
Were you surprised at any of the results? Any SMTown artist that you were surprised didn’t make it on the list?

source: Forbes Korea
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PLAYB2ST's DAILY OF BEAST - BEAST congratulations on 500th day!


This is BEAST fanclub administrator.

Today is already 500th days since BEAST has debuted!!!
(Sorry for appearing now, when there is not a lot of time left for today. ㅠ_ㅠ)
The time passed can be short when viewed short, and long when viewed long.
I think a lot of things happened during 500 days,
and I hope for the remaining endless days, B2UTY will remain forever and ever!! with BEAST. ^-^

Did you guys enjoy the Japanese Ver. SHOCK music video released yesterday?

To commemorate the 500th day, I'll reveal pictures taken when BEAST was shooting the SHOCK music video~
While congratulating 500th day! Please enjoy the pictures♡

Kikwang memorizing lyrics in Japan before starting the shooting.

Hyunseung starting to dance according to the music.

BEAST gathered together to monitor their performance, after one shooting!

Doojoon's sweating due to doing harsh group dance several times, so he is wiping his sweats ^-^;;;;;;;;;

Kikwang absorbed into taking selcas while waiting for the next set to be done.

Junhyung and Doojoon are eating cup ramen to satisfy their hunger, caused by doing choreography for a long time over and over again.

Yoseob and Dongwoon playing game with their phone or notebook to get rid of their boredom.

Kikwang was also playing game on his phone just like Yoseob, in front of them.

This one just came out good... 1

This one just came out good... 2

It's kind of disappointing if there is no picture with this pose... kekeke

Leader Doojoon suddenly wanted to eat snacks, so he is carrying it around and sharing it with the members.

With Yoseob

With Hyunseung

With Dongwoon

With Junhyung

With Kikwang

Group picture before shooting in the next set!
(This day, the set place was really cold, so Dongwoon is drawing in his body ^-^;)

After a while of shooting, Hyunseung is happy to hear that there is only one group dance left to do.

Junhyung's piercing stare at the camera.

Oh! Oh! I'm the selca expert, Yoon Doojoon. Oh! Oh!

Doojoon gathered the members around to take a group picture because he wasn't satisfied with taking pictures by himself.

Checking after taking the picture is a must, just to make sure that the picture wouldn't be too bizzare.

From here on, this are just pictures of each member taken during the shooting. ^-^;







Lastly, a group picture of BEAST with their official pose!
(Disappointingly, Junhyung didn't open his mouth ㅠ_ㅠ)

Did you all enjoy the pictures?

Sleep early, because Monday, the start of the week is coming ㅠ_ㅠ
I'll be back with other pictures next time!


Celebrities who attended Big Bang's Big Show 2011

Celebrities who were spotted at BIGBANG's Big Show concert:

Beast, Teen Top, TVXQ (not sure which members), Choi Jong Hoon, Eugene, Gain, Choi Tae Joon, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, Park Bom

Ahn Seon Young, Lee Min Woo, Park Bom, Gain, Jang Hyun Seung, Kim Yoo Jung

Shim Eun Ha, Ha Ji Won, Brian, Colleen Park, Lee Soo Hyuk

Last year, a lot of celebrities watched the concert too. See list here.

Credits: via flibbertigibbet @ 6theory

Girls' Generation will campaign as a water filter model for Woongjin Coway!

The nation's best girl group Girls' Generation will campaign as a water filter model for Woongjin Coway.

A living + eco home appliance company Woongjin Coway(CEO Hong Joon Ki) confirmed on 27th that they signed a contract with Girls' Generation to be their exclusive model until the end of the year.

As the consumer group expanded from 40~50s to 20~30s, as well as housewives to single men and women, the company explains their choosing Girls' Generation to give the impression of 'a young company' as well as showing their status as the nation's number 1 water filter company.

Lee Woo Tae, a director of Woongjin Coway's marketing headquarter said that "Girls' Generation, along with the classy image as the nation's best girl group, has friendly image as well," explaining that "they suit very well with the image of the new product that has concepts that people have never seen before."

Woongjin Coway launched a new product last month that has two extracting filters with different height that allows for people to fill up large water bottles or pots, up to 1L at once. As there are many more new products to be launched, Woongjin Coway is planning on making different commercials for different products corresponding to each of 9 member's unique characteristics. 

[Kang Da Young]

Source: http://news.mk.co.kr/v3/view.php?year=2011&no=126358
translated by kwongildong @ soshified.com

SNSD Cosmopolitan Magazine scans!

Which members made you go "WOW!"?

Credits: dearestlau, as tagged for the pictures
Source: wonderfulgeneration

SHINee Onew said "Assalamualaikum"

NOBODY (malay ver.)

SO HOT (malay ver.)

SEOUL song [sabah song](malay ver.)

I Go Crazy Because You (malay ver.)

HOOT (male ver.)

HOOT (malay ver.)

SNSD and Kara among top famous female searches in Japan

Kara and SNSD are among Japan’s top searches for the ‘famous female’ category. According to one of Japan’s major portal site, Infoseek, Kara and SNSD were ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively in terms of searches for famous females in Japan from February 15th to February 21st. In the previous week, Kara were placed 5th while SNSD came in 7th.
The huge number of searches was fueled by SNSD’s first Japanese CF for ‘e-ma Throat Candy’ entitled ‘Girls’ Dinner’ which also features their 2nd Japanese hit single ‘Gee’. The CF will be aired throughout Japan from February 26th onwards.
Meanwhile, Japan’s 48-member girl group AKB48 were the hottest search of the week.

Credit: mtstarnews.com
Translated by fanwonder.com
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Jung Yonghwa-Park Shinhye ‘Beautiful’ again? Strong candidate for Pyo Minsu PD’s new drama

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa (23) and actress Park Shinhye (22) might be in another drama again together.

Jung Yonghwa and Park Shinhye have been offered to be the lead actors in Pyo Minsu’s new drama titled ‘Festival’ (working title), which is scheduled to air in June on MBC.

The production staff talked on the phone with Newsen on the 24th saying, “‘Festival’ is a youth mellow drama that takes place in a school of arts. The male lead is involved in a school band. We were thinking whether we should give the part to an actor who can play music or give it to a singer, so we offered the part to Jung Yonghwa who has experience in acting.”

Jung Yongwa is said to be seriously considering the role. His agency, FNC Music, said, “It’s true that he received an offer to star in the drama and still considering whether he should accept the role.” Jung Yonghwa’s group CNBLUE is scheduled to make a comeback in the 4th week of March.

The drama staff stated that they are considering Park Shinhye for the female lead. Park Shinhye’s agency, Ava Entertainment, said, “I think she can show off her charm through this lively youthful character. The script is interesting. We are currently still in discussion with the production team, we will decide soon.” Park Shinhye who starred in the movie ‘Cyrano Agency; Dating Agency’ is also due to start her classes in Chung-Ang University, theatre and film studies.

The two have starred together in the 2009 SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. In the drama, Park Shinhye, who played the character Go Minam, is in love with Hwang Taekyung who was played by Jang Keun Seuk. Jung Yonghwa, who played Kang Shinwoo, had a one-sided love with Go Minam and received title like ‘Milk man’ and ‘Towel Man’ as a result. Upon hearing the news of the possible casting of the two, ‘You’re Beautiful’ fans have been showing their interest.

‘Festival’ is scheduled to broadcast following the Hong Sister’s new drama with Park Hong Kyun PD titled ‘Discovery of affection’.

Source: Newsen

Translation: blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro

Forbes Korea’s 2011 Top 40 Power Celebrities

The list of Top 40 celebrities were revealed in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of Forbes Korea’s founding. The ranking were determined by appearances on news articles, TV advertisements, Internet searches and so on. Other than the overall ranking, Forbes Korea also listed celebrities in terms of Sales, Media, Broadcast and Activities.

The overall Top 40 ranking are as follows:

2. Park Jisung
3. Kim Yuna
4. Lee Seunggi
5. 2PM
6. Yoo Jaesuk
7. Lee Chungyoung
8. 2AM
9. Choo Shinsoo
10. Kang Hodong
11. Lee Hyori
12. Yoon Shiyoon
13. Rain
14. Park Jooyoung
15. Shin Mina
16. Super Junior
17. Won Bin
18. Hwang Jungeum
19. Kim Hyesoo
20. Ko Hyunjung
21. Kang Dongwon
22. Lee Daeho
23. Park Taehwan
24. Lee Nayoung
25. Jang Donggun
26. Shin Sekyung
27. Lee Kungkyu
28. Big Bang
29. Lee Minjung
30. Choi Kyungjoo
31. 2NE1
32. Hyun Bin
33. Bae Youngjoon
34. Moon Geunyoung
35. Lee Minho
36. Han Hyojoo
37. Kim Taehee
38. Park Chanho
39. Park Myungsoo

Source: Forbes
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SHINee, f(x) and Zhang Liyin model for Chinese clothing brand

SM Entertainment’s f(x) (minus Amber), SHINee and Zhang Liyin have teamed up to model for Chinese casual clothing brand, H2. The idols fully embrace the year of the rabbit and the Lunar New Year celebrations as Krystal and Taemin wear bunny ears, and Taemin holds a live rabbit! Sulli, Victoria, Onew and Minho hold Chinese lanterns and New Year’s scrolls with greetings of happiness and fortune. f(x), SHINee and Zhang Liyin all come together for a jumping, action style group picture as well. Check out the adorable photoshoot below!

Source: Affxtion

Tyler Brûlé mentions Korea’s power brands !

 Worldwide trend setter Tyler Brûlé has nothing but praise for the excellent achievements of the Kpop industry.
Global culture style magazine ‘Monocle”s editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé said on Bloomberg TV, “Kpop is Korea Republic’s most effective and powerful weapon”. In the broadcast, Brûlé also mentioned, “Samsung, Hyundai and LG are the brand names of Korea Republic’s largest exports but now, what actually appeal to most people are Korea’s power brands such as BoASNSD, Epik High,Super Junior and other Kpop singers”.

The development of Kpop is a product of the advancement of digital media. He added, “As we progress into the digital era, Kpop has been reaching out to fans around the world through YouTube”. The program then played videos of Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ parodies and covers.
In last month’s edition of Financial Times, Brule had also mentioned some of Korea’s most-likely-to-be-successful exports which includes SNSD. Brûlé was particularly attracted to SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ music video.
Credit: Nate.com/Money Today
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