PLAYB2ST's DAILY OF BEAST - BEAST congratulations on 500th day!


This is BEAST fanclub administrator.

Today is already 500th days since BEAST has debuted!!!
(Sorry for appearing now, when there is not a lot of time left for today. ㅠ_ㅠ)
The time passed can be short when viewed short, and long when viewed long.
I think a lot of things happened during 500 days,
and I hope for the remaining endless days, B2UTY will remain forever and ever!! with BEAST. ^-^

Did you guys enjoy the Japanese Ver. SHOCK music video released yesterday?

To commemorate the 500th day, I'll reveal pictures taken when BEAST was shooting the SHOCK music video~
While congratulating 500th day! Please enjoy the pictures♡

Kikwang memorizing lyrics in Japan before starting the shooting.

Hyunseung starting to dance according to the music.

BEAST gathered together to monitor their performance, after one shooting!

Doojoon's sweating due to doing harsh group dance several times, so he is wiping his sweats ^-^;;;;;;;;;

Kikwang absorbed into taking selcas while waiting for the next set to be done.

Junhyung and Doojoon are eating cup ramen to satisfy their hunger, caused by doing choreography for a long time over and over again.

Yoseob and Dongwoon playing game with their phone or notebook to get rid of their boredom.

Kikwang was also playing game on his phone just like Yoseob, in front of them.

This one just came out good... 1

This one just came out good... 2

It's kind of disappointing if there is no picture with this pose... kekeke

Leader Doojoon suddenly wanted to eat snacks, so he is carrying it around and sharing it with the members.

With Yoseob

With Hyunseung

With Dongwoon

With Junhyung

With Kikwang

Group picture before shooting in the next set!
(This day, the set place was really cold, so Dongwoon is drawing in his body ^-^;)

After a while of shooting, Hyunseung is happy to hear that there is only one group dance left to do.

Junhyung's piercing stare at the camera.

Oh! Oh! I'm the selca expert, Yoon Doojoon. Oh! Oh!

Doojoon gathered the members around to take a group picture because he wasn't satisfied with taking pictures by himself.

Checking after taking the picture is a must, just to make sure that the picture wouldn't be too bizzare.

From here on, this are just pictures of each member taken during the shooting. ^-^;







Lastly, a group picture of BEAST with their official pose!
(Disappointingly, Junhyung didn't open his mouth ㅠ_ㅠ)

Did you all enjoy the pictures?

Sleep early, because Monday, the start of the week is coming ㅠ_ㅠ
I'll be back with other pictures next time!