4minute's HyunA has a very thin waist

On Lunar New year special "Idol star 7080 singing king" it was revealed that HyunA's waist was just 23 inches.

When they were measuring it, she was embarrassed and said "I've gained weight..", but worries were only for a moment, as when it turned out her waist was 23 inches around, she was named "Ant-waist queen"

They measured loosely around her clothes and still got 23inches, which surprised netizens. HyunA added "I think eating little bit at a time, frequently, helps"

Miss A's Fei also tried, but unfortunately, got 25 inches.

Netizens commented "Do you even eat?" "Could I ever have such waist even once in my life?"

Source:My Daily
Translated by :Eric@dkpopnews.net