Nichkun always think of Victoria in Pattaya?

2PM’s Nichkhun dances together with his sister in law , f(x)’s Krystal.
On SBS Program special lunar new year, “Idol King” that broadcasted on February 2nd, The idols together flew to pattaya, thailand for the show filming.
Especially in the plane, there was mini couple selection to sit in the plane. And there was dance selection when they arrived in pattaya.
then, idols played wrestling match at the swimming pool. First, Super Junior’s Donghae played against 2PM’s Nickhun. nichkhun wanted krystal to cheer for him, he dance to f(x)’s song ‘nu ABO’ together with krystal.
Nichkhun is known as F(x’s Victoria’s virtual husband on MBC we got married 2. the couple also dance together to ‘Nu ABO’ already. because of the dance, Nichkhun won against Donghae.
Meanwhile, 2PM, SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, Kara, After School, F(x), Secret members also appear in this show. idol members aim for “King” and “Queen” of the show and apparently After School’ Uee and Big Bang’s Seungri crowned as King and Queen on the show.

Credits: Daily K Pop News updates