2PM for AnAn Magazine (Japan)

[They’ll Make You] Giddy With Their Manliness

The So-Called Beast Idols are Approaching!
Continuing from last year, K-POP groups are also at the height of their popularity in 2011!
The hot-topic idols who have been towing that [K-POP] boom, 2PM, have finally landed in Japan.
Having powerful songs and dances as well as sexy looks, here’s the scoop on these “Beast Idols.”

We Will Captivate Japanese Ladies With Our Beautiful Bodies!

“2PM seeks to [make] music that you can enjoy with your eyes and your ears. I have no doubt that once you see us live, you will become captivated!” (Taecyeon)

“Our acrobatic performances that are influenced by choreographed gymnastics are alluring.” (Nichkhun)

“Our physical beauty is also an appealing point. We’re training every day so as to always show you [a good performance].” (Chansung)

Your Japanese activities will be proceeding at full tilt this year, beginning with the release of a new song in March.

“Our goal is to release an album in which we sing in Japanese.” (Wooyoung)

“We will entrance you to the extent that you won’t be able to get us out of you head.” (Junho)

Only these guys could become the saviors of us who have been starved for meat-eaters!

2PM’s Foreign Language Guy who
Speaks 5 Languages.
[I like manga such as] “Naruto” and “One Piece”; the drama, “GTO”, and I also like Matsushima Nananko [(an actress)] and Japanese food! There’s a lot of stuff I like in Japan so my excitement is increasing. Japanese girls are charming and shy. Everyone is beautiful and their eyes are big. My ideal type is a girl with long, straight hair and a healthy figure. The gesture of brushing her long hair back with her hand involuntarily makes my heart flutter (laughs).
Some places in Seoul that I would recommend are Dongdaemun Market and Myeong-dong. You can buy a lot of inexpensive, cute things so they’re the perfect places for someone who loves shopping. By the way, be sure to go to my home town, Phuket, in Thailand! The beach is lovely and the seafood cuisine is the best.

Q You’re skilled at foreign language study so what language do you use in your dreams?
English, Thai, and Korean! I simultaneously use 3 languages in a single dream. I have yet to experience Japanese or Chinese. I have to study more.

Born on 06/24/88. In charge of vocals and rapping. Because he goes to sleep and wakes up early and scolds [the other members] a lot, he’s called “The Young Old Man.” When he drinks alcohol, he has the peculiar habit of hugging and kissing the person next to him.

2PM’s Japanese [(Language)] Leader who
Likes Japanese Manga

My heart flutters when I see a girl being enthusiastic about something she likes. Her figure… voluptuous is better than a slender figure. As expected, as a man (laughs). If you’re dieting, [make sure you] keep proper eating habits and don’t fail to do exercise. Protein is especially important! Please aim at having a healthy figure.
The Seoul spot that I recommend is the N Seoul Tower. If you were dine at the revolving restaurant on the top-most floor while looking at the night view, it’d the most romantic.
The place I want to go to in Japan is the “Kyoto International Manga Museum.” I like Japanese manga a lot. I’m reading “Slam Dunk” and “Naruto” and studying Japanese.

Q I hear cooking is your strong point so do you dislike girls who are not very good at cooking?
It’s okay if I do the cooking so it’s fine [if she isn’t good at it]. I’d like to have her eat my specialties, gyoza sopu (Manduguk / dumpling soup ), Fried Rice, and tteokbokki. But we’ll do the dishes together.

Born on 12/27/88. In charge of rapping. He’s like 2PM’s father, watching over the members from the shadows. He dances or calls out to Junsu while sleeping.

He is Entranced by Girls with
Lovely Voices.

I like girls who have a charming voice that has aegyo. The feeling of listening to someone like Nora Jones is nice; I’m weak to a soothing voice. I always listen to her CD before going to sleep at night. In the case of Japanese actresses, I like Ayase Haruka.
The place I want to go to in Japan is Kyoto. I have an interest in buildings with traditional (architecture) and I’ve heard the food is good. Kyoto is the perfect sightseeing spot for me.
In Korea, I recommend “Korea’s Folk Village,” a place called Kyunggido that’s about an hour away from Seoul. Rows of houses from the olden days have been reproduced and you can enjoy the traditional culture as well so I think you can get a feel of Korea’s history.

Q Is it true that you’re called “AngAng Wooyoung”? *t/n The Japanese Romanization is actually ‘an an,’ like the magazine’s name.
It’s true! “AngAng” is a word that’s used in Korea when someone is acting like a spoiled child. I try to make things fun on variety shows and the fans stuck me with that name.

Born on 04/30/89. In charge of vocals. He’s the type to respect the rules and is like a real-life referee; scolding the members, sometimes gently and sometimes sternly. He is the self-professed, “most prone to worrying and stage fright in 2PM”

A Romantic Boy who
Infatuates Sweet Girls

My ideal is a girl who has aegyo [charms], is gentle, has a cute smile, and has a style that’s all her own. If that kind of girl were to tell me “Chagya, saranghe (Darling, I love you),” I would just melt. I also welcome a wee bit of cutesy girl gestures, like making bunny ears with her hand and saying “pyon pyon. Isn’t it cute? (laughs).
If I were to go out on a date in Japan, I’d like to go to the Tokyo Tower. We’d watch the night scene and it’d be romantic. If it were in Korea, it’d be [at] Garosugil Street in Shinsandong where there are lots of chic cafes. It’s a place with a comfortable atmosphere so I go there often. Since I don’t have a girlfriend so it’s lonely by myself, of course… (laughs).

Q Tell us about all of the charms of your home town, Daegu!
Daegu is a city with beautiful scenery. There are lots of local specialties, among which apples are the tastiest. Also, it’s famous as a city that has lots of handsome men and beautiful women!

Born on 01/15/88. He’s the main vocal. He plays around with the members and makes them laugh. Usually he uses standard Korea but when it’s just him and the other members, he uses his Daegu dialect.

He’s Actually an Herbivore Boy
Who is Too Weak towards Girls
Japanese girls, in fashion as well as make-up, are disposed to stress individuality instead of following fads and they’ve left a good impression on me. Also, the way they look when they’re speaking is so charming! The tone of their voice is high and their small gestures are cute. Like when they say “Eh?” when they’re surprised.
I have a personality such that I absolutely can’t say ‘no way’ when a girl asks me for a favor. If she says something like “Please, do this?” in a sweet voice, I’ll definitely do whatever she says. To put is simply, I’m way too weak towards girls. Even though I’m said to be [part of] the muscle faction, I don’t do any special exercises. How to be successful in dieting? I think the number one thing is to have perseverance that overcomes temptation.

Q: Are there any hardships special to the youngest member? Tell us any good points as well.
Everyone is kind so there are absolutely no hardships. Instead, there’s nothing but good things, because it’s a privilege of the youngest to be let off even when I make some mistake (Laughs).

Born on 02/11/1990. In charge of vocals and rapping. He’s the best eater in 2PM. He’s a nice magnae who follows and listens to his older members well.

He is Attracted to Girls who
Have Charms Completely Opposite to his.

Japanese girls have an docile image, right? Also, it seems like a lot of them have shy personalities. But they probably seem like that because of the blush they put on that makes their cheeks look a little red.
They type of girls I like is one who seems to have an abundance of charms. If I were to go on a date, [I’d like to go to] the countryside! A quiet place where there are as few people as possible would be nice too. We would pass the time leisurely while looking at the sea or the mountains.
I read Japanese men’s fashion magazines for fun. There’s a lot of clothes that I can’t buy in Korea so I want to go to places like Shinjuku and Harajuku. I’ve also though about [going to] the Don Quijote in Roppongi [Don Quijote is a cheap goods store that sells everything from liquor to gardening equipment. Roppongi is a district in Tokyo]. I want to buy interesting things and lucky finds.

Q We’ve heard you have exceptional motor reflexes so what is your favorite sport?
When I was young, I wanted to become a [professional] sports player and I learned swimming, baseball, and soccer. I like soccer and baseball even now since I can play together with my friends.

Born on 01/25/1990. In charge of vocals. He’s the “Jack of all trades” in 2PM who is good at both dancing and singing. He’s got a habit of sleeping on his bed and his special skill is “sleeping without moving, not even a twitch.”

Picture Captions:

[Junsu] In the middle of relaxing and listening to music
[Woo, Taec, Khun] Very interested in how "an an" collects data for features
[Junho, Chan, Junsu] They become cool for the photo shoot
[Junho] Junho Exposed! Eating food with his fingers

[Taec, Woo] Taecyeon's playful pose
[Junho, Junsu] Junho and Junsu checking the pictures, exploding with laughter
[Khun] Nichkhun in good spirits with his present
[Chan] "Thank You Very Much" he said. He's skilled in Japanese!