Big Bang Seungri "In Strong Baby I had an image of a boy but now I'm in the age to show off my manliness!"

Big Bang Seungri came back as a mature and stronger performer compared to his first solo "Strong Baby". He became more powerful and more stylish in a way which captures the hearts of the young lads out there. Seungri made a a comeback last January 20 with his double title song, So What and VVIP. It was revealed that most of the songs in his album were his own composition such as Maguc, I Know, White Love and a lot more. And for the chereo of the song, it was also his own steps.
As soon as Seungri’s first solo album was released, on various on and offline charts, he got 1st place and has been placed high in various charts and have shown a very successful start. Even with a terrible flu, he says that his meeting with the fans is always exciting and that’s where our conversation begins.
Q: You’ve released your first solo album.
It was an album that I was waiting for. I’ve prepared a lot and tried a lot of different things. Strong Baby was one of the songs on Big Bang’s album. I would like to think of this as my first solo activity because this is the album that was created with my name.
Q: You got first place as soon as it was released. Tell us about the most rememberable reaction.
I have a very good memory. It’s up to the point where when the recording starts at a music program, I can memorize the order of the camera that’s going to capture me. During the rehearsal, when I memorize the order of the camera and I go on stage for a live performance, my expression and my stance becomes more stable and I’m able to change whatever is necessary. That’s why when the camera director tells me that I looked good, I feel good.
Q: When you’re on stage, you’re just overflowing with comfort. There’s also a lot of comments about being sexy. What would you say is different from when you were doing Strong Baby.
I think when I was performing with Strong Baby, I had an image of a boy but now I’m at the age where I’m able to naturally show off my manliness. I don’t try to create a sexy atmosphere on purpose. I think people are just watching me in a good way because of my self-confidence and showing my passion on stage while singing. That could also be my definition of sexiness.
Q: You cosplayed as the members of Big Bang and it became an issue. Which member was the hardest to cosplay?
It was definitely T.O.P. It took a long time to dye my hair and to raise it like he does. All the members thought it was funny so I was pretty proud.
Q: GD&TOP’s album and activities overlay yours. The unit that was formed within Big Bang, tell us how you felt when you first started your activities.
It was strange. When I get off stage, they would go on stage and it still feels weird to me. One thing that’s good is we’re able to monitor each other’s performances. They would give me pointers about my expressions and my stance. It sounds like nagging but it helps me a lot. (Laughs)
Q: You did a duet with IU. What kind of experience was it to do a duet with a popular woman singer after spending time with guys in a male group?
I’ve known IU before she debuted 3 years ago. While I was preparing the album, there was a duet song and I asked if she could help me out on the song. It was a hectic time for her but she decided to help. I was touched at the fact that she took time out of her busy schedule and helped record. I’m 100% satisfied with this song.
Q: During “Night After Night” and “Strong Heart” and on other programs, when the members are on it, there are many times when you are the subject that they joke about. How do you feel about that? Even though they are your members, do you not feel good about it?
I’m a human being too so why wouldn’t I not feel good about it? (Laughs) I wish Big Bang would not only be the best in music programs but also in variety programs as well. They don’t say it themselves but they all think about that. I think I become the scapegoat because I have the funnest and dorkiest character which would be fun to joke about. I think they would say those things because they’re just jokes that you can just laugh about and move on. I think it’s funny as well.
Q: It’s already been 6 years since you debuted. There’s a lot of juniors. As a solo singer and a member of Big Bang, what would you say your goal is.
When I got to a music program, there aren’t that many seniors and it’s gotten to the point where the placement has changed. At this stage, I feel responsible. There’s a lot of juniors who have talent. When I think that the juniors are watching, it’s true that I get nervous.
Q: Big Bang’s activities are almost here. It’s been 2 years since you’ve done any kind of activity and tell us your goals.
Rather than being nervous, I’m excited. Since it’s been 2 years since we’ve done any kind of activities in Korea, all the member’s goals of wanting to show off their best this time is great. To prepare for this album, all the members have gathered around and have been contemplating. The most important thing about this activity is to approach in a friendly manner. I don’t think Big Bang has been very comfortable and friendly when it comes to image. We’ve all suggested that we wanted to perform a song where people can approach us easily since it’s been a while we’ve stood on stage. I would also like it if we can go on various variety programs and talk shows and do activities with fun.

Credits: Daily K Pop News updates