Yang Yoseob, "No make-up face terminator Nam Jihyun? She's prettier with make up on" spiteful comment

BEAST Yang Yoseob exposed about 4Minute Nam Jihyun's no make-up face.

Yang Yoseob received attention because he made an explosive remark about Nam Jihyun on MBC Lunar New Year special 'Flower Boquet'. Recently, Nam Jihyun has been receving a lot of attention through 'No make-up face terminator' and to this, Yang Yoseob said that "She looks prettier with make-up on".

Nam Jihyun taken aback at Yang Yoseob's spiteful comment expressed an attitude that she cannot accept what he had said. Then Hyunah gave an testimony saying "She looks prettier without the make-up", causing 'No make-up face terminator' argument to disppear into the maze.

Also on this day, Yang Yoseob caused an illusion that seems like he is way in the back with his face size smaller than female celebrities. His face size also gave humiliation to female casts.

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseob's activeness, who ascended as a spiteful commentor will be revealed on the coming 6th, 9:25 AM on 'Flower Boquet'.