2PM, Mad at Spouses Nichkhun and Victoria!?

For the recent recording of MBC 'We Got Married' the members of 2PM visited the new home of fake married couple 2PM Nichkhun and F(x) Victoria, but the barbarity of Nichkhun and Victoria offended them.

Nichkhun and Victoria invited 2PM to their new home despite them being in the middle of a busy schedule. Especially since Victoria has the reputation of someone who is skilled at cooking, they visited the new home expecting extravagant food.

However, they raised their voices in anger and hatred over Nichkhun and Victoria's simple reception. Without regard to Nichkhun who had invited them over, the busy members of 2PM had to restrain themselves, and revealed their impatience by stomping their feet.

Source: http://contents.innolife.net/news/list.php...mp;ai_id=127237
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org

May be taken out with credits.