[Spoiler: Dream High] Nichkhun’s short cameo amuses viewers

As reported earlier, 2PM’s Nichkhun made his cameo appearance on the January 31st episode of KBS 2TV’s “Dream High.”
He played the CF partner of teen star ‘Iria‘ and took on the role of Romeo for their “Romeo and Juliet-themed smartphone ad.
Although he was a one-liner character (“Hello?“), his presence couldn’t be missed.
Viewers found his adoring gaze towards IU especially hilarious once she sang the CM song in Iria’s place because of his constant NGs. His princely looks matched the image of Romeo perfectly, and captured the hearts of fans and viewers alike.
Many left supportive comments on the drama’s message board by stating, “I exploded with laughter over his cute acting,” “He had a small role, but his shiny aura refreshed my eyes,” and “It would’ve been daebak if Victoria played the role of Juliet with him.”