Secret topped various music charts!

As soon as Secret released their new song, they ranked #1 and swept various online music charts.

Through various online music sites, Secret released their new song "Moonlight Starlight" on June 1st. Right after "Moonlight Starlight" was released, the song ranked #1 on real-time music charts, demonstrating 'Secret Power'. Especially of note, Secret pushed through songs from "I Am A Singer", which had been steadily atop the charts as well as 2NE1 and Beast. These astonishing results in a day surprised those in the music industry.

Secret began building up anticipation for the song by releasing a teaser on this past May 27th and releasing individual shots of the members on May 31st.

After Secret's debut, they made hits out of "Magic" "Madonna" and "Shy Boy", placing them high among the country's top girl groups. In particular, "Shy Boy" achieved #1 for three consecutive weeks on KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" and conquered the charts, resulting in recognition that "Shy Boy" was a hit song.

Due to this rise in popularity, there was much anticipation for Secret's new song. Those involved in the music industry had much interest in seeing if Secret could have a fourth home run hit song.

One source said, "All throughout, Secret has not been pushed under by big stars even when in competition with them, and they have evolved. The outcome of this new song will determine Secret's future."

Source: SecretFour, Newsen