Exclusive- Second Album “Hands Up” announced, 2PM

“Let’s party in the club~” In their element beastly idols throw out the heavy music and have a transformation to a club

The beasts who used to roam the wild have lost the dirt and become polished. Oiled hair and glittering leather jackets dazzle the eyes. It looks not hard working but we don’t hate it and it looks extreme mischievous. It’s so effortlessly carefree and energetic as if they’ve matured wildly on the way.

It’s the story of ‘Beastly Idols’ 2PM’s club transformation. Their second album “Hands Up”, out on the 24th, demonstrates the true meaning of ‘Being in your element’

"We always did sad and heavy music. We wanted to show an image that was refreshing and familiar and well suited to summer. Right now that’s the image we want to show most.” (Taecyeon) “We didn’t want to stay in the dark. This song is an upgraded version of “10 points out of 10” It’s cheerful and fun. We’re also cheerful.” (Junho)

Title track “Hands Up” is a song that fits the carefree looking 2PM like a fine tailored suit. As soon as club talk came up the members all glanced at each other knowingly. It looked like they had a lot to say about it. When asked to choose the member who played the best, they said: “We don’t even get to get to go to clubs” and looked like they would cry.

“Strangely there seems to be a lot of rumors about us connected to clubs. Even when we’re with our manager in the process of going to another schedule there have been times when people have called and said they saw us at a club. If we had the time to go to a club and have fun like in the song it’d be great.” (Taecyeon)

Familiarity is what’s emphasized through this album. Korean fans may have lost some of their passion while 2PM was doing their activities in Japan, so they want to excitedly have fun together now. They avoided showy, difficult choreography so everyone could enjoy it together.

“We wanted an absolutely exciting song. If we play together on stage it’ll be great. By interacting with the fans we can feel our energies together.” (Wooyoung)

To these guy who debuted 3 years ago and question of maturity came out. They have experienced both sweet popularity and internal uneasiness equally and built up their team work as well as connected with fans. The members promised many times they wouldn’t lose their original resolution.

“We always want to show a fresh look. We’re always worried about upgrading our image.” (Junho)
“Think of it as a new start. Because there are ups and downs you can reinforce teamwork. We want to hold on to the sense of that point when 6 people first came together and sang fun music. We won’t lose our the outlook we had as rookies.” (Taecyeon)

Reporter: Kim Sung Han
Article: http://news.hankooki.com/ArticleView/Artic...03&ver=v002
Translated by mcheller @ Wild2Day.org