2NE1, I am the Best DAUM Interview

2NE1 released "I am the Best" on June 24th. From the calm image shown in their other new song "Lonely", "I am the Best" shows a whole different side to the girls. With the other recently released songs such as "Lonely" and Park Bom's "Don't Cry" having dominated the Korean music charts without promotions, we will have to wait and see how "I am the Best" is critically received.

Q: Please introduce yourselves to Daum Music users.
2NE1: Hello Daum Music users! You've waited a long time, right? We are 2NE1, who just came back with an exciting song, "I am the Best".

Q: What type of album is this digital single of "I am the Best"?
Dara: This song is a product of YG's producer Teddy oppa. It's an addicting song with an electronic feel, and just from the title, you can tell that it's a fun song with a fast beat. If it plays at a club it will be very appropriate and exciting.

Q: If one says 2NE1, many think of the strong and various concepts. What is the concept of this song?
Dara: The best concept?? (laughter)
CL: It's a concept that is original to 2NE1. Please watch our performances for an accurate answer.

Here are handwritten responses to additional surprise questions!

Q: Summer is coming soon. What's one thing that is necessary for summer?
Park Bom: Sunscreen!!!

Q: What's 2NE1's future big goal?
CL: Billboard 1st place!!!(?)

Q: With your new songs coming out and an upcoming concert, do you ever feel overwhelmed and exhausted?
Minji: I'm not sure ,,,><,,, is it cause we practice 24 hours without breaks?!?!

Q: Tell us your plans for promoting "I am the Best".
Dara: We are going to see our BlackJacks that we haven't seen in a while! ^.^ kkk

Q: This August 27,28 you are having your first solo concert since debuting. What are your concerns for this concert?
CL: We want to know how we can show ourselves on stage in an engaging way. Because it is our first concert we really want to give the best performances that we can. Please await our concert and please come see us!

Q: Are there any special points in the dance for your new song?
Minji: We have a dance called the best dance. You can see how it goes in our performances!

Q: What do you do in your free time?
2NE1: With our concert coming up and our new songs, we haven't really had much free time. If we ever get free time, we ether listen to music or sleep. I think that concert preparation is taking a lot of our time.

Q: What are your promotion plans? Is there anything you want to say before we end the interview?
2NE1: Yes, first we want to thank you for listening to our music and caring for us. We plan to show ourselves on TV programs and with our concert coming up, we hope you cheer us on and encourage us. Thank you!
Source: http://music.daum.net/playzone/guestBoard.do?boarded=1889
Translated by 21kristine @ ygladies.com