Super Junior M’s Interview with MTV EXIT

On june 25 Super Junior sub group Super Junior M had performed for MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking). After the concert SJ-M gave interview to mass media of what they feel after performing for a global cause.
SJM: Hello~ We are Super Junior M
Last year you joined the MTV EXIT campaign at Vietnam and Thailand, How do you feel?
Eunhyuk: Last time we went to performed at Vietnam as the full band. But this time at Chiangmai we came here as Super Junior M. Thank you for invited us. This concert is a very good concert. I hope everyone knows the problem. I feel so happy to join this event. In the future, if there is any good campaign like this, I want to come and join again.
How do you feel with the concert last night?
Eunhyuk : Yesterday it was rained so heavy. We really worried would fans get sick or come. But before we performed the rain stopped. I was so happy. And all Thai ELF still gave us a hot welcome. I feel really thanksful.
As you are an inspiration for many teenagers now, how can you help solve human trafficking problem?
Eunhyuk : Before we came to join this campaign, we didn’t feel that this problem is a big problem. But when we joined this campaign we have learnt a lot of things. This morning we went to visited the shelter that has problem. I want everyone knows that this problem can happen to everyone, every time, every minute. I want everyone help promote this campaign to against the human trafficking. Many children suppose to have a good future but if there is still have this kind of problem, it will make them have no more future.
Sungmin : Every time I visit the shelter or join good campsign abd our fans always join these good things too. This time we join the good campaign again, I want fans to support this campaign too. If you want to know the details you can check in website. Because this problem not only happen in Asua but also around the world.
Henry : The most important thing is everyone has to beware the human trafickking all the time. And we hope thar we will be one of people who help warn about this problem through our music. Thanks a lot to MTV EXIT for this good campaign.
As a singer, do you think how can music help solve this problem?
Kyuhyun : When we sing in Korean, even though fans cannot speak Korean but still can sing along with us. Our songs in Chibese fans also can sing along. I was so shocked. Although our languages are different but we still can sing along and have fun together. From that time I can feel that the power of music is really important. And if yesterday there is no concert, everyone might not know that this problem happens everyday. I’m so happy to join this campaign because our dans and also others people could know this good campaign. In the future, if there is this kind of campaign again I hope there is a music event too. I hope there is a campaigราะn again because everyone will be happy.
Sungmin : If we go to hospital, there is a kind of method using music to heal people. I don’t know whether our music can help or not. But we want to be one of the power to help everyone too.
Any recommended technique for people who wants to be a superstar
Ryeowook: Whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do, please take it serious, step by step. One day your dream will become true.
Anything you want to tell your fans?
Zhoumi :Please support us. Our new songs has so many styles. I love you all
Translated by: Mook_yeye