SJ-M sings for two consecutive sessions in 7 hours, fanservice is too perfect

In order to put a perfect ending to their short stay, Super Junior-M wanted to meet with the fans even if they only had 24 hours! The Super Junior-M fanmeeting which was chosen to be held on the Dragon Boat festival, was held for two consecutive sessions in a short span of 7 hours, aside from showing great enthusiasm throughout the show, the 8 members were also very generous during their interaction time with lucky fans, shaking hands, and even hugging the fans, eliciting jealous screams from below the stage. In addition to that, they also announced on behalf of their main group Super Junior that in August, the “Super Junior, Super Show 3, 3D Concert Movie” will be broadcasted in Taiwan cinemas.

Two short months passed by in a flash, and it was a huge dismay to the fans. During their fan party, aside from singing many of the songs from their newest mini-album "Perfection", each of the 8 members of SJ-M also had their own performances. In two segments, lucky fans were picked to go on stage to play with them was the climax of the venue; they were embraced, given posters, and even got to take group photos with the members. The group member also gave out "(fan)service" from time to time, causing those on stage to be extremely embarrassed and those below the stage to be extremely jealous.

When they had announced that "Super Show 3-SUPER JUNIOR 3D Concert Movie" would be aired in Taiwan in the middle (of the fan party), all the fans in attendance were both shocked but delighted by it. The members also did their best to promote (the 3D movie); Siwon joked “You can even see butt in 3D”. Then Zhoumi turned towards him and said “You are usually 3D to begin with”. Finally, at the end of the party, fans celebrated an early birthday party for Ryeowook who would be celebrating his birthday on the 21st (of June) after the ending of the song "Super Girl", causing him to be touched to the point that he was almost speechless.

Even though the atmosphere of the party was filled with joy and happiness, however, there was an air of reluctance that appeared when it was time to end the show, and SJ-M said that they hope to come back to Taiwan again soon. They are scheduled for the Korean Air flight OZ712 on June 7th, to leave Taiwan at 1:30P.M. Also, the dedicated website of “Super Junior-M x Yahoo! Music Taiwan” will be restarted on the 9th of June. They say that there will be more exclusive content exposed on the site, and that fans should absolutely pay close attention to it! 

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
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