Kahi’s Unstoppable Dance Instinct – on Speakers?

Kahi’s friend recently revealed Kahi’s unstoppable Dance Instincts on “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – SECRET”.
On the episode that aired on June 25th, Kahi’s friend revealed Kahi’s secret through a prior recording. Kahi’s friend told the studio “Kahi likes to dance on the speaker at Clubs” she then added “Even if asked her to get off (of the speaker) she just kept going up again
Kahi responded, “I was only kidding. I was playing excitingly, Because she kept asking me to get off I Mischievously went back and forth”. After this confession Kahi reenacted how she danced on the speaker to the delight of the audience.
Original Article: Newsen
Trans: jinahyaplaygirlzworld.com