Ivy Chen appears in kimono, Siwon goes wide-eyed and praises that she is pretty

Ivy Chen discarded her chicken outfit, and changed into a Japanese kimono to become a famous kabuki, successfully stopping male lead Choi Siwon, who plays opposite her, in his tracks. Aside from causing his eyes to brighten up, he also praised that: "(She's) very pretty! Not everyone can pull it off this well." On the other day, the production team went to Danshui* Itteki Memorial House for filming purposes, and the both of them took photos in front of the Japanese-styled house which had a hundred years of history. To the outsiders, it may seem as though that they were a couple taking their wedding photos. Choi Siwon laughed and replied in fluent Mandarin that: "It looks like an international marriage with Yihan."

They who looked compatible in front of the camera lens, had to withstand high temperatures of up to 36 degrees under the sun in order to film for their scenes. From 10am when the UV rays were the strongest, they filmed until the time when the sun sets in the evening before they wrapped things up. The male lead was wearing a suit, while the female lead was wrapped in layers of the thick kimono. Ivy Chen smiled bitterly and said that: "My whole body has been restrained, I can't open my legs, can't eat well, and I'm covered in sweat!" She only had the opportunity to walk under the shade away from the sun after the filming that ran close to 8 hours had ended. During that period of time, Ivy Chen could only walk in small, dainty steps, and in accordance with the script she was required to kneel down for long periods of time and perform the tea ceremony. In front of the camera, it was full of Japanese flair, but no one knows that her legs were hurting to the point that they had no energy left in them. Siwon admired the female lead for being able to maintain her posture and actions in a graceful manner, (saying that) she was very dedicated. 

Beside him, Ivy Chen stuck out her tongue and said: "My legs are so numbed that they're about to fall off." However, through the toiling she was able to learn a new experience. The production team set up the props for the tea ceremony in front of the Japanese-styled house for the filming, and the hundred-year-old mansion behind them only served as a background. This building was built by a great Japanese literate for his father, and was dismantled from its original location in Japan to be shipped and rebuilt in Danshui, Taiwan. The entire process took 9 years to complete, and in order to preserve the monument they were unable to film within the building. When Siwon saw the antique building, it caused him to remember about his grandmother's house, and also felt that he was working in a different country. Ivy, who had a fiery personality, was worried that she would ruin the building by just breathing, so she did not dare to approach it. However, when she saw that Siwon's elbow was leaning against the railing, she played a prank and scared him: "Hey! You shouldn't touch it! This is a hundred years old, if you break it you'll have to pay for compensation~" It seemed that Siwon was able to understand it, as he immediately withdrew his hand and kept a distance (away from the building). 

This scene mainly depicted the first collaboration between super star "Dun Helian", which is played by Siwon, and Lee Yiqin, who plays the role of popular idol singer "Liu Li-er" for their movie. "Gong Xi" Ivy Chen, who had successfully entered the management company and was in charge of running errands, in turn had her life made difficult by Lee Yiqin('s character), who purposely made Gong Xi carry Li-er on her back up the hill to the filming location, making her suffer thoroughly. However, the other party threw a huge tantrum and refused to carry on with the filming, and Ivy Chen was pushed into the frontline in order to help out, but because she had lived at a Japanese-styled hot spring hotel in order to learn the etiquettes, she was able to successfully finish the filming with relative ease. This caused Siwon to be amazed, and Lee Yiqin to be even more embarrassed.**

* Danshui is a seaside district in Xinbei City, Taiwan.
** The final paragraph is talking entirely about the scene that Siwon and Ivy were supposed to film.

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