SNSD’s Seohyun interviewed by Sports Hankook for her birthday!

In celebration of her very special day, SNSD’s youngest, Seohyun, was interviewed by Sports Hankook, a major Korean daily.
Seohyun has a special relationship with the newspaper: in a fortuitous coincidence, June 28th is also the birthday of Sports Hankook, currently in its 7th year of publication.
Check out the full interview below, and happy birthday to Seohyun from all of us here at allkpop!
Firstly, happy birthday.
Thank you. Happy birthday to Sports Hankook too.
Did you know of your special relationship with Sports Hankook?
No, I was surprised when I heard it. I knew there must be a reason why you always wrote good articles about me (laughs).
How did you feel?
It must be destiny. I’ll definitely keep reading. Is that being too serious (laughs)?
We kept all of the articles about SNSD from your debut, and we would like to give it to you as a birthday present.
Wow! This is the first time looking at them on paper. (After admiring the articles) It’s so different, seeing them on paper as opposed to the Internet. Are you really giving these to me? It’s an unforgettable birthday present. I’ll show them to my unnies.
It seems like just yesterday that you first sat down with us after your debut.
Right. I didn’t know anything then. I didn’t know what to say, nor what kinds of things are usually published in articles.
(Pointing at the article) How does it feel, seeing your debut picture? Anything you’d like to hide or change?
No, not at all. I like how the bangs make me look fresh. It’s heartwarming, looking at the previous me.
At the time, you had said you’d like to perform in a Japanese drama.
I still dream about that. I was into “Nodame Cantabile” at the time, and now I’m watching “Hotaru’s Light“. I hope the day can come when I can finally act in a Japanese drama.
SNSD hadn’t been thinking about Japanese promotions then. It’s almost as like you’ve prophesied it.
(Laughs) I suppose. Dreams became reality. If there is a goal and I start striving towards it, I think I’m able to gain the support of more people around me. The name ‘SNSD’ in itself contains dreams, and that dream of making the world a ‘girl’s generation’ will never change. Please stay with us until ‘girl’s generation’ becomes ‘grandmother’s generation’.
Is there a specific moment that’s engraved in your memory?
After our first performance together, everyone got together and cried for a long time.
I felt that we finally got to show ourselves on stage after such a long, arduous time training. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Looking at the past interviews, I feel that we shouldn’t lose our focus, our strength of mind. People change little by little without being aware of it, and I’m scared of that. I’ll always work hard to make sure I stay who I am.
You recently performed in Paris. Can you feel the impact of the Hallyu Wave?
Yes, of course. I think it’s because those who came before us worked so hard, that’s why Hallyu has the strength it has today. I don’t think we suddenly started it, just like that. I think it’s a blessing for us to promote in this era. There’s a sense of responsibility, as well. We will also pave the road for the performers who will follow in our footsteps.
Personally, what memory do you recall the most?
I did a duet with Joo Hyun Mi. My parents like her very much, and I was beyond nervous at the thought that I would get to sing with her. She held my hand during the performance, so that’s why I was able to barely finish it. Thinking back, I’m extremely thankful.
Were there any hardships to debuting so early in your life?
It’s hard when people focus on everything that you do. I started being careful of everything I was saying and doing. I’m used to it now and I’ve learned to be thankful for all the attention I’m getting.
Sports Hankook has met its 7th birthday. If there’s anything you’d like to say…
I’m always glad whenever I meet reporters from Sports Hankook. They’re very hardworking and trustworthy. Please write good articles about me in the future, and about SNSD as well. Thank you, and please watch over us well.
Source: Sports Hankook via Nate