Goo Hara lying over Nicole, hilarious cute photo reveals sexy figures

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Girl group KARA's Nicole uploaded a hilarious cute photo on twitter that got many fans' attention.

Nicole uploaded a photo today(25th of june) with title " Hara sleeps well anywhere and i am being laid on. And currently too.

In the photo, Hara is sleeping peacefully, lying on top of Nicole who was being laid on at a weird unconfortable postion. On the other hand, their sexy leg lines have gained lots of attention.

In response to the picture, netizens commented: " Is hara faking sleep? The two of them are too cute together!!" ," Hara's and Nicole's legs are really sexy.","Please stop slimming down and eat more!", "someone, Please save Nicole~"

Taken from: TV report
Translated by: Caly/dreamgal_91@karaholic