MBLAQ to confess their secrets in a bathroom for Mnet Wide’s new corner

MBLAQ will be participating in a unique ‘talk’ concept for Mnet Wide’s newest corner, “Refreshing Interview“!
“Refreshing Interview” is a new feature that asks celebrities to confess their innermost secrets and stories in a bathroom. Why a bathroom, you ask? The base idea is that celebrities will feel more comfortable sharing those secrets and stories in an environment that’s considered private and personal.
PD Lee Sun Hyung commented, “In an effort to get idols to confess in a refreshing, new manner, we tried to look for an environment that refreshes the mind and body, and found it to be none other than the bathroom. It was an idea brought up without much thought, but there isn’t a space more personal than the bathroom. Please look forward to the stories that will be shared from such a unique location.”
Mnet Wide will also be airing a short reality program where MBLAQ will be asked to take tablet PCs to a location where cameras and even their manager won’t be able to find. For 24 hours, the boys will be documenting their activities through their tablet PCs, creating new content for a fun and unique reality show.
The PD continued, “These days, fans have been compiling favorite clips of their artists into one video. We’ve put this concept to use so that not only their fans, but viewers would also be able to enjoy a different kind of fun through this new corner.”