KARA's Jet Coaster Love to compete against other japanese idols!

KARA are to compete against Japan's own Idol groups in album selling.

KARA is going to release their third single "Jet Coaster Love" on the 23rd of March. On that day itself, morning musume and japan's most popular girl group AKB48's sister group, SND48, are to release their singles as well. The competition between the girls idol groups are going to be unveiled.

In this swirl of competition, staffs of the various Music programs are predicting that KARA will earn an outright victory amongst all the girl groups. KARA and AKB48 have been categorised together and are being recognised by the japanese as the most popular idol groups in Japan right now. These two groups are being known as "the trend". KARA's "KARA BEST CLIP" that was released last month had gotten to the top of ORICON DVD chart, selling as much as 132000 copies. This is the first time ever for a foreign girl group to clinch this title. Following behind Namie Amuro, KARA has become the second best selling female artistes.

In this current situation, though KARA will face competition from this 2 groups, it is still clear that KARA will top the ORICON chart once their 3rd single is being released.

Taken from: karafamily.net,Newsen
Translated by dreamgal_91/Caly @Karaholic