2PM, the 6 beastly men, now have their own rooms

The 6 members of 2PM can now sleep with their legs stretched comfortably. 2PM recently rented and moved into a large villa in the vicinity of their agency’s office in Cheongdam-dong.

The villa is a duplex structure with 6 rooms, and the rent is split equally among the 6 members.

They previously lived in a 3-room apartment provided by the agency, for the convenience of their training sessions and group schedules. However, they do not have much group schedules as of late, and are earning individual incomes; therefore they were told to move back into their own homes, or individual accommodations could be arranged for them. Nonetheless, they “hate to separate from the dear members,” and have decided to pay out of their own pockets to continue living together.

2 or 3 members would share a room previously, which was uncomfortable as every member has a large build. Therefore, they are incredibly happy to have their own rooms to sleep in.

A representative of the company expressed their innocence and friendship, “They do not listen when being told to return home. When they have no schedule, they have fun together at the villa, and come to the office nearby to play around and bother us.”

He continued to reveal their private lives, “The members don’t really go to clubs and bars on their own, so they occasionally ask the agency’s staff to buy them drinks. The office and small sake bars in the area are the only places they usually go to for fun. The members share an extremely close friendship, so they just play amongst themselves.”

Reporter: Jang Young Joon
Credit: TV Report
Article: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=ne...&idx=100985

Translated by: crystalheng @ W2D
May be taken out with credits