Kim Ah-Joong wants to be the 10th member of SNSD

“I want to be SNSD’s 10th member”, said Kim Ah-Joong on ‘Guerilla Date’, which is part of KBS 2TV’s program ‘Entertainment Tonight’.
On March 19th’s edition of ‘Guerilla Date’, the crowds came flocking to Insa-dong street to catch a glimpse of famed actress, Kim Ah-Joong. Kim Ah-Joong took some photos and presented songs for her fans, making it a memorable date.
Without hesitation, Kim Ah-Joong revealed that SNSD is her favorite girl group during the broadcast. When asked if there is a SNSD member who can be replaced if she were to be a part of them, Kim Ah-Joong replied, “How is it possible to leave out a member? Among all 9 of them, none can be replaced. Instead, I would like to join them as the 10th member”.
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