SECRET’s Ji Eun is a ghost?

A fun but also somewhat creepy photo of SECRET’s Song Ji Eun and Han Sun Hwa has recently been sparking interest amongst fans.
On March 13th, Sun Hwa updated her minihompy with a picture of her and fellow member Ji Eun, with the caption: “Behind me… is a ghost? Ssongji ghost keke.”
In the photo, you can see Sunhwa smiling brightly at the camera while wearing a brown straw hat and a purple singlet top. What caught the most attention, however, was the expressionless, green-haired Ji Eun who stood behind Sunhwa, making her indeed look somewhat like a ‘ghost’.
Netizens made fun comments including, “Songji nuna looks scary!”, “She looks pretty both as a ghost and a human hehe”, and “I wish a ghost as cute as her would stick onto me like that too~”
Source: Newsen via Nate