BEAST Lee Kikwang-Yang Yoseob master of aegyo fierce battle 'who is the winner?'

BEAST's Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob had a aegyo battle to win the title of 'Best aegyo-dol'.

BEAST's Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob, and Secret's Jun Hyosung scrambled to get the title as the master of aegyo on KBS2 TV school variety '100 points out of 100'.

'100 points out of 100 points' popular corner 'maknae writer is talking', where the real maknae writers do a survey to recognize the celebrity's appearance from behind, revealed a content about 'healing idol who does aegyo easily' through one of the image of a celebrity.

To this, a fierce aegyo battle happened while tracing for healing idol who has too many charms that when one looks at him/her, they'll be healed.

Heated aegyo battle started with almighty-dol BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang. He caught all the casts and staffs hearts with his voice full of aegyo and adorable expressions. Not wanting to lose, Yang Yoseob, also a member of BEAST, showed off upgraded 3 combo aegyo, causing the heat to rise in the studio.

Besides them, Secret's Hyosung, who represents idols as bagel girl, gag woman Kim Shinyoung, etc also joined in this heated aegyo battle making it a fierce battle.

The idol who earned the title 'healing-dol' for doing the best aegyo will be revealed on this Saturday the 13th through '100 points out of 100 points' airing at 5:15 PM.

*Bagel refers to baby face + glamorous female/male on here.