Luna, "I wanted to train myself like BoA"

f(x)'s Luna reveals an interesting story about her intensive training during her trainee years.

On March 14th, Luna recently appeared on MBC's 'Come To Play' and revealed a story about her intense training. Luna explained, "During my trainee years, I practiced so hard I experienced nosebleeds. I wanted to be like BoA. She once said that during her trainee days, she's experience frequent nosebleeds because of her intense training. I wanted to train myself just like her. She's my role model."

She then continued, "One day, when I had my first nosebleed after several months of intensive training, I was happy. It felt like I've finally reached my goal."

On the show, the other classmates went through Luna's hand bag. They found a diary and several notebooks where she logged all her busy schedules and throat-maintaining notes.

The full episode is set to air on March 14th.

Source: Star News
Translator: Hyerin Kim + Jae
Credit: Aff(x)tion Forums