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Stirring melody and acrobatic performances---2PM grabs your heart and never lets you go. Their first Japanese single [Take Off] will attract you with pop and refreshing melody, just representing 2PM’s new start. We asked their feelings about Japanese debut single [Take Off]
Enjoy their bright talk, just like the tune of [Take Off].
-----Hello, I hope you are ready this early morning.
Taec: (In Japanese) It’s not morning right now! It’s… 11:40am! It’s noon. Lunch time~.
----- You’re talking funny. As a matter of fact, you must be sleepy, aren’t you?
Taec: I’m Okay! Let’s begin!
-----OK then… the new single [Take Off] sounds so different from the usual 2PM songs, doesn’t it?
Taec: Since I was shooting Dream High, I was the last one to listen to the song. As you said before, it was a totally different style and I got bewildered at first. However, we can sing those kinds of songs only while we are young, so I’m trying to enjoy singing that.
Woo: Honestly, I was also worried about the song at first, but as I listened to it again and again, I became so addicted to it. It has some kind of magical power.
Khun: 10/10 is the most animated song of ours. [Take Off] is even more cheerful than 10/10, so it was very new to me.
Junsu: Lyrics are very positive. And I thought the code is interesting too.
----- It gave me an impression of your inner side.
Taec: It’s not all about us yet!
Junsu: We are livelier!
-----JYP and SuperChangttai made this song together, right? Did they give you a piece of advice about how to sing?
Junsu: JYP sang in Korean for us and we got what he wanted us to do. We have been with him for 3 years, and we know how he feels without a word.
Taec: Super Changttai told us to enjoy and sing this song.
Junsu: He let us do it with our style, not just following the music score.
Woo: In my case, I recorded while I was shooting Dream High. It was hard for me to sing when I was tired.
Junho: I wrote the meaning of lyrics in Hiragana, Hangeul and Latin alphabet. I read it many times before recording.
Khun: We all discussed this song and how we should sing it, each member helped out the others while recording and made it a better song. Taec and Woo couldn’t come to the meeting because of the drama shooting, so I think it was even harder for us to “grab” the song.
----- Which part was hard, in particular?
Chan: For me, [TSU] [CHI] [ZA] those sounds were very difficult. I picked up those parts and recorded them many times. Japanese staff members helped me a lot.
Taec: Rap part consists mostly of the English, I arranged a bit by myself.
----- When I listened to this song for the first time, I thought the song would be perfect to listen in the morning.
Woo: Morning, it would be nice to set it as your alarm.
Taec: For me, the beginning of the song is very slow, I might go back to sleep again. lol
Junsu: The main part would do then.
Khun: I think it’s good to listen on the way to work. Isn’t it refreshing?
----- Which is your favorite line of the lyrics?
Junsu: The parts “I’ll be~” and “with you~”.
----- That’s Chan’s part right?
Junsu: Melody and lyrics are matching well. I do the chorus, and I did some adlibs afterwards.
Taec: I like the phrase “Kore wo Unmei to yobunda (it’s what we call FATE)” because I believe in fate.
Junho: I like that phrase too. I don’t believe in fate though. I’d rather work on my life than rely on fate.
Chan: I like the words “Tsuyoi yuuki ni naru mahou no kotoba (the magical word makes me stronger)”
----- Romantic phrases… by the way, what are your magical words which make you stronger?
Junho: That’s fan’s voice. 2! P! M! Jun! Ho! Jjang! Sa! Rang! Hae!
Chan: Umm, let me see…
Woo: For Chan, it would be “Shall I buy you a dinner?”
Chan: Yeah, it would be perfect!
----- Are there any special dance moves?
Khun: Of course. I think everyone can do it easily.
Woo: It’s just like the airplanes flight with 2 wings.
Junsu: Our choreographer made all of them.
----- Do you like it?
Khun: Yes! And it’s simple!
Junsu: Is that the only reason why you like it? lol
----- But I heard your staff members saying the choreography is not easy at all.
Khun: True, but I believe it’s much easier to dance together with the audience to that song, compared to our Korean songs dances.
Taec: Each move is simple, but when 6 of us do that together, it’s harder.
----- [Take Off] is chosen as the title song of animation, “Ao no exorcist”. It must be exciting news for Anime freak Taecyeon?
Taec: Since we are newcomers in Japan, I feel we’ve got such a big chance.
Khun: When I was a child, I ran to the TV as soon as I heard the Anime’s title song. I’m glad to sing those songs which make kids excited.
Taec: We’re gonna be kids’ heroes~!
Khun: (Sing Doraemon’s song) It’s just like Doraemon. lol
-----Doraemon was aired in Thailand too?
Khun: Doraemon was aired in Japanese, and there were Thai subtitles on it. Detective Conan and Cardcaptor Sakura too.
Taec: We’ll be very happy if kids remember the song when they grow up.
----- Another song is the Japanese version of Heartbeat, right?
Khun: It was just weird for me at first.
Junsu: Yes. Especially, my part, “Uh Uh girl…” sounded so weird.
Taec: In my case, I didn’t even realize that it contained some English words in my part. è“Kanari DEEP na BEATS ga…” I tried hard to fit English words into Japanese pronunciation.
----- Are there any other differences between the Japanese version and the Korean version?
Junsu: Yes, we made the base sound stronger.
Khun: It’s more dynamic now. I’d say Korean version is 2D, and Japanese version is 3D.
Taec: Even though I listen to it on my laptop stereo, I can hear the strong base.
Junho: I guess you just got a nice laptop..? lol
----- What did you think about the recording then?
Junho: Accent was difficult for this song as well. I tend to make the notes longer. I’d sing “Ihimaa~ mooo~ hi~bi~kiii~” instead of “Ima mo hibiki”.
Chan: In my case, my part is “wae ajikdo…” in Korean, but it becomes “when did you kono ai…” in Japanese. It was hard to get the timing right.
----- Don’t you mix up Korean and Japanese?
Junsu: Yes, it is confusing but I will sing Japanese version a lot from now on, I think I’ll get used to it.
----- How did your fans react to the Japanese version of Heartbeat at Mezamashi Super Live a few days ago?
Taec: That stage was very valuable. I heard their cheering voices when the music started. However, when I started to sing it in Japanese, they just stopped screaming.
Junho: It was like “What!? Are they singing in Japanese perhaps?!” I felt their confusion. lol
Woo: But, once they were assured that we were singing in Japanese, they soon watched for us with warm eyes. I was so glad.
----- Did you get nervous since it was the very first time to sing in Japanese on the stage?
Chan: We do not really get nervous before performance, but we were so worried about the Japanese MC part more.
----- Your Okinawa fans seemed so happy to hear you say “Haisa~i 2PM desu!(*Hello, it’s 2PM in Okinawa dialect)”
All: Thank you.
----- They must be expecting your MCing in Zepp tours this May.
Khun: Yes, don’t we? (looking at members)
----- How’s your Japanese study going?
Chan: We study once in a few days between our schedules. By the way, the newest phrase I learned it “Since when are you that pretty?” This phrase is from the drama “Secret Garden”, and I learned it in advance. lol and… 당든(*it should be 당연)… What’s the meaning of this word?
----- Of course?
Chan: No, it sounded different… I can’t remember. lol I’ll study again.
Junho: “Totonoimashita!”(*famous Japanese comedian’s gag) was a good one before… but I want to find another ones.
----- I count on your new single. At last, tell me your highlights of your concert.
Taec: Not only the “IT’S 2PM” stage, I’d love to show different parts of us on the solo stage. … and kids’ hero 2PM too! Lol
Junho: I don’t know if we are heroes, I’d show you that we are not only beasts.
Khun: I am so looking forward to the concerts, of course, and each city’s food too.
Taec: I want some meat! Meat is necessary for us, beastly idols!
Junsu: Anyway! lol We are preparing well so that you can enjoy the stage! We hope to see you all!