'Bran New Kiss' Track Titles & Comeback Date!

Bran New KISS Track list
1. It's Time (Intro)
2. 0330 (Title Track)
3. 내게 아픈 말은...
4. Everyday
5. I Don't Understand
6. Miracle

'0303' is composed by the same composers of 'Shut Up!'. It is a sad hip hop song. The album contains a total of 6 tracks with 48 pictorial pages.

U-Kiss' comeback stage is scheduled for the 31st of March on MNET's MCountdown.

U-Kiss, who have been showing their strong, manly side through songs such as Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul and Shut Up!!, have returned with a softer image in their new album! Being the first album after the addition of new members Aj and Hoon, the album will consist of 6 songs, with '0330' being the title track. '0330' was written by Kim Tae Hyun and is of the sad hip-hop genre with a piano melody that reminds you of the sound of rain, along with a lyrical melody. Member AJ took part in writing the lyrics as well, garnering a lot of attention.

Also in this album, U-Kiss' senior group, Paran's P.O, together with composer Swin, produced the songs 'It's Time', 'I Don't Understand' and 'Miracle'. Taewan A.K.A C-Luv and No Hyunie also collaborated to produce the song 'Every Day' and Kim Tae Hwan, who wrote the title song, produced '내게 아픈 말은…' (The words that hurt me...), with AJ and Dongho playing a part in writing the lyrics.

Credits: YES24, shinsoohyun_net on Twitter, U-Kiss' official fan cafe, ahhGuean on Twitter + ROCKETBOXX.NET