MBLAQ's 'Sesame Player' jackpot premiere, 'artificial stink bomb' explosion

'Chic idols' MBLAQ's discussion in the middle of stink bombs has raised hot discussions topics.

MBLAQ appeared on Mnet Wide's new corner aired on March 10th, 'Fragrant Interview' through a 'Bathroom Talk' and created an explosive response from the first episode.

G.O began the 'Bathroom Talk', the MBLAQ members displayed their honest and candid images, and captured attention regarding their personal opinions of appearance rankings within the group.

In the middle of the stink bomb torture, Lee Joon showed his abs in order to be in G.O's good side. However, Thunder who was G.O's biggest threat of the day was not weighed down by the stink bomb punishment. Then, to G.O's question 'If only your sister Sandara Park and an MBLAQ member is left on earth one day, who would that member be?', Thunder laughed and replied, "Just bring in more stink bombs".

Sesame Player also revealed a public corner showing the fans' most desired private images of MBLAQ members. The members also created explosive reaction when they played Thunder's suggested 'Hyun Bin possessed dumpling game' with coloured sticker punishments.

After the show, netizens commented, "The captured scenes are really as small as a grain of sesame", "The one revealing abs next week must be Thunder", "There are scenes fans have always wanted to see, that's why it's fun". 

MBLAQ's 'Fragrant Interview' and 'Sesame Player' will be aired every Thursday at 5pm on Mnet.

SOURCE: BNT via Nate
TRANSLATION: Choi Yoori@AbsoluteMBLAQ (via chenmo@MBLAQCHINA)