MBLAQ in epop (chinese) , Malaysian magazine Feb Issue

Q : First time holding fans meeting , what are the feelings / thoughts ?
G.O : Very thankful towards fans , the staffs because of MBLAQ’s first fans meeting had put in a lot hard work and support ! This fans meeting not only had a lot of programs and performances , also had a lot interactions with fans. This kind of event besides being able to have a memory from our debut till now , also is a way to thank fans because we are unable to frequently show our thankful hearts. Hence fans meeting is a very good way for us to show our sincerity. Actually besides fans attending , our members’ family members also attended this gathering , this gives me a contended feeling.
Q : At the fans meeting , MBLAQ wore teletubbies’ costumes on stage , whose idea was it ?
Thunder : Haha ~ Before I debut I once saw Wondergirls during fans meeting wore teletubbies’ costumes and appear on stage ~ So I thought that if we suddenly wear teletubbies’ costumes and appear , fans might find it interesting ! Everyone wear cute clothes and keep singing cute songs , it feels very cute ! Keke ! I had never been so cute before , so as to show a different charm , we must make concerted effort ~ Keke !
Q : The impression MBLAQ gives people is more of gag idol , what are your thoughts ?
Seungho : Um.. Although we are being called as “Gag dol ” , but it is because we want to let more people know MBLAQ that’s why will showcase ourself properly through our talent. This is a problem that a lot groups will face ! Our agency actually once chat with us for quite long , there are some things which we can’t showcase on stage but able to perform on talent shows ( variety shows ). However this time the promotion activities , we will showcase more on our music talent , also will appear on music related shows.
Q : Do you all resist the nickname of ” Gag idol ” ?
Seungho : We won’t ~ If you don’t know gag , that is not right ~ No matter it is music or gag , we will do it very well ! Actually the gag image is our usual image , it shows our real images clearly.
Q : During preparing of album , which member do you think is the most hard on him ?
Mir : I think is Joon hyung.
LeeJoon : I don’t feel a bit of hard , members who have to record and produce the album is the most hard on them. Because besides recording the songs , I have other schedules hence I become busier ~ Actually there is no who not hard and who most hard , because everyone put in a lot effort in recording , just like treating life that important. Regarding who worked hard and who never work hard , this issue had never appeared before. Whenever any member need any help , we will definitely help each other ! Maybe because they think that I have to all night film TV drama hence feel tired , but members also because of composing songs and have to work all night. Therefore everyone’s situation is the same ~ Keke !
G.O : To not let the album have any regrets , we personally checked everything ! Although only do the recording part , but the rest of the worked needed after recording of songs , we will diligently go through checking !
Q : Groups nowadays likes to have small group activities , does MBLAQ has these thoughts ?
G.O : Small group activities is to present music that is different from original group , this is the same reason as us of releasing comeback full album. MBLAQ still has a lot music have not present out to everyone ! Actually singers originally will have full album and debut , but don’t know why nowadays are different. Everyone will release mini album or single to see the market’s respond , full album seems to becoming a bet ! MBLAQ’s songs had not caught people’s attention , if want them to give one song that represents MBLAQ , I think it still have not appear ! We want to compose a song which everyone can sing with us.. This may in the future we will have small group activities to present different style , but that will not happen so fast !
Q : Is Thunder’s noona Dara’s relationship with other members good ?
Thunder : Not very close. Haha !
G.O : Regarding this question , I have a lot of displease ~ Is same group member’s noona , relationship should be close ~ However in actual fact , because we are artistes , hence at outside want to be close also unable to ! I once told CL from 2NE1 that I want to be friend with her , but after that time we tmet , we did not met each other again.
Q : You guys lives together , if there is argument , how will you guys solve it ?
Seungho : We normally will use talking to solve it , if we don’t say out , the problem will can’t be solve ! Every time in the night , any displease we will say it out , the problem will be solved very fast ! If the problem is not very serious , we will tolerate , understand each other ~ After tolerating will then bring it out and discuss , if really unable to tolerate , will immediately say it out , this will be solved very quickly !
Mir : Yes ~ Some time when we ended practice and back to dormitory is already midnight 4 or 5am ~ But if there is any problem we will say it out at that time.. Although is really very tired , but will solve every problems , this is a more suitable way.
Seungho : If there are things that leave it and not solving it , it will become more and more serious ~ Keke ! The most important thing in a group is long lasting. In my opinion , the first is the co-operation in a group , potential ( talent / strength ) is the second ! Staffs in the company often tell us that if there is any dispute , go out and solve it before coming back to practice , if no there will not be any effect ( in practice ) ! Some times will take it as an excuse to slack ( skive ) , keke ~ After problem being solved , mood really will be better ! Keke ! But very glad is that , all of us are not very easy to meet together ( form a group ) , also everyone’s age already quite old , thinkings also mature , hence this problem doesn’t happen often ! Keke !
Q : Which member’s handphone doesn’t leave his hand often ?
Seungho : I think that every members are the same ~ Keke ! There are people who because want to contact others hence holding the phone , there are also members who holds the phone for no purpose / reason , keke ! Besides holding handphone very often , handphone’s accessories such as USB cable and charger , I will bring it around with me , able to use it when need it ! Every time going overseas I will bring things that I need , but in MBLAQ definitely will have one or two members forgets to bring , very often will come to me and borrow !
Q : Which member doesn’t use his handphone very often ?
Thunder : Keke ~ I think is me ~ My handphone is able to not charge for 4 to 5 days !
Seungho : Yes ~ Every time say own handphone is going no battery , but still able to listen to music for 4 to 5 days !
Source : Epop magazine , issue no 298.
Translation : MBLAQism / joonminmir
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