' Soon after Infinite's teaser released, 'server crashes'"

7 member idol group Infinite has released the teaser video for their third single 'Nothing's Over' music video.

The video which was released through online music sites and youtube, has been gathering much interest because of Infinite who has come back as romantic playboys.

In the past, Infinite who has been showing off charismatic shic sides, shows a cute charm in the recent teaser video which makes all nuna fans' hearts' flutter.

There have been reviews of this teaser video commenting that the members' baby perm plus the simple but individual outfits brings out the freshness.

Most importantly, 5 minutes after the teaser video was released, the server crashed which let everyone feel how popular Infinite has gotten.

Fans who watched the video, showed a variety of reactions and commented 'They will take hold of all nunas' hearts', 'Im really looking forward to their new album'.

Infinite will be releasing their new single album on the 17th and will engage in official promotions.