4minute wraps up the shooting for the MV - Comeback in the beginning of April

In the morning of February 11th, a CUBE representative communicated to Asia Kyungje's Sports Today "They have just finished filming their music video" and "they're doing their best for their comeback preparations, practicing the choreography, etc."

He further added "Their comeback is scheduled for the beginning of April. However, we will have to watch how things go a little more to determine the exact date" and "4minute's color will be preserved in this album, but you may feel a transformation."

He then said "As it's been a long time [they promoted in Korea], the members are working hard on this. Whether it's the outfits or the hairstyles, there's been a huge change" and requested "Please give a lot of love and interest to 4minute who is making their comeback".

Meanwhile, through their active promotions in Japan, 4minute is said to be one of the leads of the new Korean wave.

Source : Sports Today via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com