4minute's Hyunah G.NA show their "swollen" faces

Girl group 4minute's Hyunah and solo artist G.Na revealed their swollen (?) faces.

On February 19th, Hyunah posted the following message "Eng?? Because our faces are swollen, we are grumbling about it~~~~" along with two pictures.

In the two uploaded pictures, G.NA and Hyunah are seen looking at each other then staring at the camera, frowning. However, there's nothing swollen to be seen, at all.

The netizens had mixed reactions about the pictures : "In what way are your faces swollen!", "Do you want to see a real swollen face?" "Heol… Is that a different definition of "swollen"?"

Source : TVREPORT via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com